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What Does This Mean?

Yesterday I got a mysterious interoffice envelope with a 1 Subject Notebook & a Jr. Legal Pad. Weird, right? I thought so, & I joked about it, but then promptly forgot that it had happened.

Then today I got two mysterious interoffice envelopes. I can't tell anything frmo the handwriting, but the smaller envelope was first sent to HR, then...well, it is scribbled out, but it almost looks like W KN.

The big envelope had some plastic kitchen knives in it; three, to be exact...

...& a bottle with lots of things taped to it. It is a sort of "daubbing" bottle, & it has a package of iodized salt inside, along with a horoscope for Aries-- meaning they know my birthday-- that reads:

♈ Aries March 21 - April 19. Get out,
mingle and be friendly to folks from
all walks of life. There is a new ac-
quaintance waiting to meet you
who will have a strong, favorable ef-
fect on your social life.

Taped to the bottle are two straws, a curly plastic band, & a key.

There is a QR code taped to one of the straws, but no one's smart phone can get a result from it. The back of the code is the letter "R".

In the smaller envelope was a letter saying "THINK YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS ABOUT?" in ransom letter font, with a ladybug sticker.

Inside there is a Rolodex card with a sticky-note attached that says (in the water mark): "HAVE YOU USED THE INTRANET TODAY?" & links to a defunct company site.

There is a picture of me as Wardlock from Witch Prison!

& this "T-O-A-R" clue, with the T at the north, the A at the east, the R at the south, & the O at the west.

(Special thanks to Brian for taking these evidence photographs.)
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