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Forest of Hallways. Always. (12)

Blindspot by Kevin C. Pyle.

The Forbidden Zone!
What lies beyond the highway?
The Fruit of Knowledge!

The map of the woods-- or I should say The Woods-- that is a few pages in, that is what really makes this book. It is a memoir of childhood, a semi-fictionalized account of growing up. I generally don't like "coming of age" stories, but this is short & germane. Have you ever been a kid who was alternatingly belligerent & friendly? Who was gifted but didn't want to do the work? Yeah, I'll bet you have. Did you have huge fantasy romps in the fringe woods where you grew up? Well, I did. The woods-- excuse me, I meant The Woods-- are a big deal. I remember the tree house we built, complete with carpeting on the floor. The weird conflict of pornography-- the older boy's interest, the younger kid's disinterest-- yeah. That rings true. This account doesn't rely on cheap "feel bad" tricks, which sells it. Just a kid, doing kid things, playing soldier. The carefree nihilism of tweens. I remember that. Waiting out being in trouble to go back into the fantasy world of his own creation. I'm a little sad at the ending-- playing army is kid's stuff? I guess I skipped that part, because I'm still playing lets pretend.
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