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Dragon Turtle Blues.

("Waterbending Scrolls" by Jeffery Scott.)

I think the ballad of yesterday really began with my shoes. I laced up my Chuck Taylors, stepped outside, walked a couple of meters &...blech. The weather was slushy & gross. "I should walk back & put my boots on," I thought, standing still. Eh, I was already running a couple of minutes behind. I trudged a few more meters & thought to myself, "I really ought to go put my boots on." Next thing you know I found myself at the street corner, & there was no turning back. I had big plans to go to the container store after work; as you might imagine, those were canceled. Jenny went over to Kira & Nino's apartment to see Olivia, but me & my cold feet decided to stay at home rather than trudge out over there. I know, I could have worn my boots then, but I felt somewhat defeated! I had gone out with Matt & Kat for lunch-- we got sushi-- & my shoes had gotten a little slushed then. Just bad decisions haunting me through the day. So yeah, I stayed home & watched television. I'd been catching the first half of Serenity at the gym, lately, but never the end. I got to the point where they were sneaking through Reaver space to Miranda...& then it was time for free weights, or whatever. Last night I finally sat down & watched the last half of it. It was starting to bug me, like seeing the first half of a pair of parentheses (& then...they never close. The worst! So I finished watching it, closed the brackets, the bookends, & I will tell you what-- it holds up. & while I was never very attracted to Morena Baccarin, now that I've seen her with short hair I really am. After that was over, I killed time watching some Avatar: the Last Airbender. I've been sort of glorying in the reflected glow of Sherene & Marie watching it for the first time, so it was on my mind. I watched "The Western Air Temple" just for the line "Hello, Zuko here!" & then followed it up with "The Firebending Masters" & then finishing with "The Ember Island Players" just to get a little metatextual. Jenny came home, but she messed around on the computer while I watched Tosh.0. At this point, Daniel Tosh is beside the point; I watch because it is America's Funniest Home Videos, & ignore the host. The Cold Steel Great Sword video was on the show, which cracked me up, since my circle of friends had already circulated it in a "woah, bad ass & hilarious" vein a long while ago. Because we are DnD nerds. Otherwise, well. I've made a few complaints, lately-- I ordered a used hardcover off Amazon & got a galley instead, & my local post office shovel their sidewalk like huge jerks & it creates a hazard, & I complained about SNL transphobia. Otherwise though, nothing much doing.

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