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Toy Soldier.

In last night's dream, I kept getting kicked off of trains-- usually under some obscure pretext like "the cook in the restaurant car said I have to bounce you" or what not. Really weird, just continually being hassled by train staff, forced off & waiting on the platform for the next one. Eventually I found out that it was some jerk cop hassling me, abusing his authority-- I had tried to compliment him earlier, saying that he should be his own supervisor, & somehow he took exception to that, & made it his life mission to harass me. He had even called my job & my wife to try to "bust" me, & get me in trouble. I took his badge number & said thanks for calling my place of work & my wife's place of work-- now we have evidence that you are unlawfully targeting me for no reason. That did the trick, & the trains started running again. There was a drunk girl on the train, a soused Italian, who kept leaning over her boyfriend & cuddling with me. Not romantically, but platonically. It was actually great; the cop was part of a stress dream but she was this avuncular presence, just this bubbly caretaker. Eventually I found out her boyfriend's name was Columbo & her name was Arlequina. Makes sense; harlequins are always an omen of safety in my dreams. Seriously, I can't over-state how nice that was. Cuddling wih Arlequina. Also, kudos to my brain for "Alequina & Columbo," which is some world class word play right up there with the telescope of the Amber Giant.

Yesterday evening was nice & relaxing. Jenny worked later than me, so I got to go home & relax for a bit, fool around online, before finally getting ready to go to the gym. I went about half an hour ahead of Jenny, & met her at the gym, which gave me a decent clip-- I put in an hour fifteen again. I'm glad that is becoming my "usual." Jenny have developed a knack for giving me a kiss right in front of girls at the gym who have a crush on me. You know, the ones who make eyes at me when I'm on a machine, or look at me in the reflection of the mirror. Gym crushes! No harm, no foul-- doing that sort of silent flirting is a good way to make the drudgery fun. I've been mixing up my routine with sets of lower weight & higher reps-- just as my cooldown period, as it were. After we left, we went home & had leftovers-- Jenny ate the ziti & I made a sandwich-- & then we split a beer & sat down to watch Human Target. It was the episode "Kill Bob" & it was kind of a perfect episode. I really liked it, it had me laughing in the aisles. Well, metaphorically. We don't have aisles at home. Lauren German played an assassin/school teacher, & her portrayal of saccharine Stepford Wife & cut-throat spy was really wonderful. I was super impressed with her range. All of the usual cast were on point-- Valley was at his best as Chance, McBride's Winston was super curmudgeonly, Montgomery's B-plot was well handled, Varma's sort of fragility worked well, & Jackie Earle Haley is always a show-stealer. I was very pleased with that hour of television.
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