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Black Box.

Last night I came home & was more or less done. I didn't want to get up to any shenanigans. I'd blown off the gym all week-- well, I went once-- but I went ahead & blew it off again. So much for my three times a week streak. Instead, Jenny came home, also miserable, & we ordered Chinese food & watched Fringe. I continue to enjoy it, & it continues to be very much a spiritual successor to The X-Files. The Observer was finally introduced-- I knew about him, & I'd seen him in recent clips shooting Pacey, so I was pleased to see that happen in the episode with him. I guess that isn't a spoiler, phew. Other than a few bits of trivia about Spock, I'm spoiler free. I like Anna Torv, I find her really compelling. I also appreciate that they dress her appropriately. Huh! She married Mark Valley, the guy from Human Target, but that only lasted a year. Joshua Jackson is a good Scully, & Denethor is really good at being a mad scientist. Well, Joshua Jackson isn't really the Scully-- part of the pleasure of the show is that there is no pretending these weird events aren't happening. Enjoyable all around. John Nobel's turn as the evil genius is supposed to get really great, so I'm looking forward to that. That trend? Of not doing anything, but sort of hanging out? Is how I spent today, too. I woke up, finished my book, & then didn't do much else.

I watched Young Justice, which was great. I thought that the last episode was kind of a placeholder, but this one did something I wouldn't have believed possible: made Kobra seem like a legitimate threat. Actually...kind of a bad-ass. &...Sportsmaster, too? Well, less so in Sportsmaster's case, but still! Credible! & you know what else? Eventually one of the episodes is going to feature Klarion the Witch Boy! I do like me some Klarion. After that, I played a bunch of GoldenEye online; I'm not great, but I'm not embarrassing. Oh, & I watched an episode of Shelly Duvall's Faerie Tale Theater, since someone at Jezebel told me that Christopher Reeve was in it, picking pearls off Bernadette Peters's bodice. Yep, that happens! Christopher Reeve in anything where he gets to play two roles-- & one of them heroic-- is going to be good. So yeah, that was cute, though of course the "bad" princess is sexually forward & the "bad" prince is effeminate-- we can't have that! Then I did round up my powers & head to the gym. I watched an episode of Iron Chef while I was there-- "Battle Gruyère." Jenny met me there after I'd already done about an hour & ten minutes-- since she wanted to do a half hour I ended up staying for a good hour & forty minutes. Not too shabby at getting back on the horse. Then hot wings, home, & Castle. It was a "serious" episode, which is usually not as good as a "fun" episode, but I liked it. We topped it off with Tosh.0, which was whatever. An internet clipshow.
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