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Know Boundaries.

So far today all I've been up to is talking to some guy about eugenics & transhumanism. That isn't the case for the last couple of days, though-- I've been fairly busy, otherwise! Oh, & nightmares-- or, spooky dreams I guess is a better way of saying it. I was on the mountain from my dreams, the place that I spend a lot of my nocturnal reverie. I was a runaway, squatting in an abandoned mansion. When I was little-- before I was born, even-- I had lived in this house, & I've only returned to it now to live as squatter. The house was incredibly haunted, very very haunted. The walls bled blood, you'd suffocate at night, crippling fear would freeze you in place. There had been a serial killer living here, that much was clear. Because it was such a damned place with such a strong & wicked genius loci, it was full of stuff, abandoned by rich people who'd tried to live there. A fancy woodwind collection is most memorable to me. I suddenly was living there with a little girl all in grey; she told me she was an antibody that I had produced to protect myself from the ghosts. Eventually more people started living in the house, & fighting with the poltergeist-- & I was convinced one of us was the serial killer. I wasn't convinced that it wasn't me, in fact. I had a crowbar-- that was what I'd chosen as my weapon-- & besides the haunting, we had to worry about cops arresting us for squatting. The only one I could trust was my antibody familiar spirit.

Television Night was the usual suspects of me, Jenny, fatbutts & her dog Archie, fordmadoxfraud, elladorian, & newcomer comeuppances. Despite the moniker, we didn't watch a lot of television, or really much at all. We put on Modern Family, because it was the one with my favorite crying scene & also so that Maggie & Lilly could talk about Sofía Vergara's boobs. They are pretty crazy, though Jenny is unconvinced that they would look good naked. We also spent a lot of time figuring out who knew how to frown. It is harder than you'd think. At least, so says me. kingtycoon says: "You have two expressions - preparing to smile and smiling - neither are comforting." Also, I got a new motto! Or, at least one for the night. Sarah was arguing with a lost delivery man who was bringing her sandwiches, & while she had her back to me Jenny whispered "tickle her!" & then gestured for me to do so! I went in to do it & Jenny said "no! I was joking!" & then I bit my lip, thought about it, & went to tickle her anyway. Maggie was like "oh my god, Mordicai, no!" & I was still going to do it, but then Jenny said: "No Boundaries!" just like that. So then I went for it, definitely! Except both she & Maggie were like-- "No! No! Know Boundaries!" which I think is definitely a bad one. Anyhow, Sarah was off the phone by that point, but I tickled her anyway. She's not very ticklish, which is the best defense.

Yesterday was, somehow, Restaurant Day! I have been super busy at work all week-- I think I've gotten more emails then I ever have before-- so it was nice to skip out for bit. I had been having a nice chat with Theresa, & then noticed it was time for me to get going! There had been a blizzard & I was finally smart enough to wear my boots, so I walked through the streets jumping up to knock snow off the cross-walk signs. My Virtue is Civics, it couldn't be plainer. I was on my way to ABC Kitchen, because Marie was taking me out to lunch. Remember when I would come visit Jenny at NYU & we'd just go hang out in ABC Furniture? Weird, right? It was nice to see Marie-- we basically gossiped about our college era dating lives. That is always fun. Also, I told her my master plan, for her to write her next novel using the same research she invests into her big academic project. I'm a research dork, so. How was the food at ABC? Well, we got the prix fixe lunch. I started with a beet salad that I really liked, but then the main entree of Alaskan char just didn't impress me. It was fine-- not bad-- but I didn't care about it. The dessert was an orange creamsicle tart, & that sounds amazing, right? Meh, it was just a tart. The service was good, though. When Marie & I left & had parted ways, I realized I'd lost my phone. I went back, checked the table, didn't see it, asked the busgirl who hadn't seen it, asked the girl at coat check, & then finally asked the maître d’ if she still had the number Marie had left with her reservation. She did, but Marie hadn't accidentally taken my phone, either. The server didn't know. It wasn't in the bathroom, or lost & found. Eventually I asked the girl at coat check to call it...& it buzzed in my pocket. I'd checked all the pockets in my coat, my pants...but I had put it in my sweatshirt's pocket while we ate dinner. I felt foolish, but at least I had my phone.

Then come dinner, it was time for Kira's birthday! I stayed at work late trying to catch up on some stuff, & then off I went. Dinner was at Daniel Boulud's newish restaurant, DBGB. I was a little bit cranky, but I soon got over it. I didn't know what to expect, since this was Kira's big three-oh, but it was just the tribe-- me, Jenny, Kira, Nino, baby Olivia, Judy & Robert. The decor of the place was nice-- Kira said it was a brand new building so they had to create an ambiance from scratch, & I would say they succeeded. We were in a booth tucked in at the back-- I would always want one of those booths. I like nooks & crannies. A lair. I started with a martini, which did a world of good for snapping me out of my grouchy mood. That, & cuddling with Jenny, & the fact that I like Kira & Nino & Robert & Judy, & I'm pretty sure I like Olivia. She's a baby, so it is hard to say. Oh, & without meaning to I totally pulled a snooty beer snob move. It was all natural! I saw Bierbrouwerij Emelisse Imperial Russian Stout on the menu, & I thought to myself, "hm, I've had a stout named Emelisse before I think. I'm pretty sure?" & then I asked the waitress to bring me the bottle so I could look at the label. I totally knew what I was talking about! I had it before, & remembered that it was a very "berry" stout. I ended up drinking one of those, & sharing a three quarter liter bottle of a sour beer called Rodenbach 2007 Vintage with Jenny. The way I am to midnight black Imperial Russian Stouts, she is to sour beers. At one point, the waitress went to refill my Stout & poured it in the sour beer! This was me. Anyhow-- I figured she'd bring me a glass of something to make up for it, & she did-- with desert she brought a glass of Maredsous 8 Brune Abbey Dubbel. I liked it; I was happily drinking good beer, & yes, that contributed to my increasingly chipper mood.

How was the meal? Uh...pretty wonderful. I started with a plate of veal tongue, & then my main course was pig's feet trotters & a sausage made of blood pudding & pig's head. Jenny got bone marrow, which was surprisingly ample. I was pretty blown away by the pig's head & blood pudding sausage though; it was amazing. The only competition came from what Kira & Robert each orders-- suckling pig. The head cheese from that was crazy great. I thought the pig's feet might be too bony, but once I got past the heel it unraveled like a Persian rug. There were lots of other bits that I tried as well-- the suckling pig was divided into bacon & chop & back & a bunch of sausages, & other things too, each of which I had a bite of. I don't know what Nino had any more. Judy had mussels, which were good, but I prefer my shellfish raw & cold. Really though, the blood pudding & pig's head sausage was my number one, with the headcheese from the suckling pig in close second. Oh, right-- Nino got pan seared foie gras, which was also pretty wonderful. All in all, I was impressed with the food. Kira & Nino remarked on how in the last few years I've become a much more sophisticated eater, & I told them the truth. I didn't like eating-- I still don't at very basic level-- but I realized that not caring about food was preventing me from going on adventures with them. So I decided to develop a palate, & voila. Now I am able to take new stimuli, input new sensations. The last course was dessert, & they went crazy-- ordered five different things. I don't like sweets, so I only had a bite of the dark chocolate, & can't really report in regards to the others. Then, when the bill came? It was not nearly as punishing as we thought it was going to be. A nice surprise. We all took the train home together, & Jenny & I watched the newest episode of Community & went to bed.
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