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Owlman Is Not What He Seems.

Jenny had plans last night, so I waffled on what I would do. Maybe I would have casual plans with some workfriends. Hey, I could try to see someone I haven't hung out with in a while. I could make a surprise appearance at some social event? Or see if some friend in the neighborhood wanted to grab a quick drink or bite to eat. In the end, I decided on doing nothing. I'd had lunch at Le PQ with our dear & finally transplanted comeuppances, so my social itch was somewhat scratched. & on the way there, I got splashed by a taxi cab! Like that scene in a "New York movie" only it really happened. Argh. Not my best moment of urban shamanism. Sidebar: I hate how on Yelp, since there are two search fields, I can't actually find anything in one search 50% of the time. Let me explain that better. When you go on Yelp, you have a search bar, but you also have a location bar. This is fine-- if I wanted to find the nearest chain, or something, that would be required. The thing is, like most creatures I eat in more than one location. In fact, & I'd say this isn't uncommon-- I eat primarily in two neighborhoods. The Flatiron, where I work, & Park Slope, where I live. Yelp saves the most recent settings, so if I searched for a place in the Slope, & I want to find a Flatiron place a few days later, it makes me re-type it. A minor quibble, but you can't get around it by searching for "name of place neighborhood" (like "le pain qoutidien flatiron"). Sidebar over. I like Sarah! Now that she lives here, maybe she'll be a regular in my crew. Who can say! So, since that had happened, & Jenny was saying she wouldn't be out late, I decided to just come home & turn into a vegetable. I picked up a couple of sandwiches at Brooklyn Bread (see, I had to search twice!) for me to split with Jenny when she came home-- I didn't want to have to go back out after I'd changed into my pajamas. All set, I settled in for a warm winter's night.

It was a night of cartoons! The first thing I watched was Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, which is a movie following the most recent Supergirl origin story-- her ship splashes down in the river outside Gotham, Wonder Woman insists on taking her to Paradise Island to be raised as an Amazon, Superman has faith in her, Batman distrusts her, all that, including the part where she gets kidnapped to go to Apokalips to lead Darkseid's Female Furies. I guess the film got a bad rap, with reviewers left lukewarm, but I liked it. The art was a little stilted, that is true, but the fights were dynamic. Kevin Conroy as Batman-- he's widely agreed to be the best Batman of any media format, live-action or no. Superman was Tim Daly-- he's good too, but obviously no Christopher Reeve. The most underwhelming performance was Andre Braugher as Darkseid; he's a tough role to pull off, & Braugher couldn't manage it. I will say that Tim Daly's best work was when he was talking about Darkseid-- stuff like "Darkseid's control is absolute! Once you are touched by Darkseid you are marked forever! He IS evil!" Oh Superman. Darkseid just IS. Summer Glau was Supergirl, & she actually did really great; it was nice to see her not playing a damaged manic pixie ninja....until she went to Apokalips & became one. Oh well! Oh, & the horde of Doomsday clones? Still stupid. My biggest complaint was probably the way Barda was drawn. Barda doesn't look like Heidi Klum. She looks like a hot Olympic wrestler. After that I watched Young Justice, which was kind of a placeholder episode. Seeing Speedy being angsty was fun-- Robin's laughter when he vanishes into the shadows is priceless-- but mostly it was a character building episode. Fine, but nothing to write home about. Mister Twister? Really? Still, T.O. Morrow is a fun villain choice.

Jenny came home after that, or maybe I watched a few episodes of The Daily Show & The Colbert Report in between, fast forwarding past the clips I'd already seen on Gawker.TV. When Jenny did actually arrive, we threw on some comedy shows. First up was Community, which continues to be wonderful. It is nice to know that everyone is rooting for Annie & Winger now. They are, right? Also, Malcolm-Jamal Warner's line about getting his sweater from his dad was just the right amount of acknowledgment. After that to 30 Rock, which was the show that it is. It is a strong show, & has unfortunately gotten me into expecting it to be good. So it was, it is. It is television comfort food. I'm spoiled. After that...well, I'll admit it, we watched Outsourced. Why? I can't say why. It keeps recording, so we keep watching. At least it has mostly gone beyond its stupid hackneyed premise, but I wouldn't say it is good now. Oh, crumbs, I'm forgetting what we really were excited to watch-- Parks & Recreation. I'm glad it is back. More Aubrey Plaza please. Then to bed. This morning, Jenny got up bright & early & we watched Easy A. Emma Stone was great; between this & Zombieland, I guess I'm a fan. The supporting cast was excellent-- I guess people thought Patricia Clarkson & Stanley Tucci were a bit too "precious," but I liked them as her parents. Thomas Hayden Church was phenomenal as the "cool teacher," if you ask me. He cracked me up anyway. Also, I kind of adore Amanda Bynes, so is another plus. Dan Byrd was good; if you liked Dan Byrd in this movie, you should probably try out Cougar Town, where he is essentially the same character. Except not gay. That brings us up to now. I ought to go get ready for my game tomorrow.
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