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Holler at your boy Project: MKULTRA! Still under the weather, but I slept in till eleven & I feel a lot better. Worlds better than I felt at seven in the morning. My sick day was a lazy day-- I mean, that kind of goes without saying, since what was I supposed to do, get up & do jumping jacks or something? I played a little bit of Epic Mickey & picked up two more pins. Just going for bragging rights, is all. After I finished the Hobbit comic, I watched a National Geographic special called Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, which is a mouthful. It was actually pretty terrible. "Did you know a Professor wrote the Lord of the Rings? Well did you know he was even in World War One?! & that he liked the Kalevala? He even invented languages!" but I watched the whole thing-- it was nice seeing all the actors, young & fresh faced. Even though I didn't like it I had to give it a good rating, since I want Netflix to suggest more things like it. For lunch I ordered delivery from Pizza Plus. I never order delivery, so that was a special treat. I goofed around online & then went back to watch Hellboy: Blood & Iron, which I actually did like. It was better than Sword of Storms, which I also liked-- maybe because this one was based on the "Wake the Devil" storyline. "Wake the Devil" was when I decided that I liked Mignola's art, & I liked his concepts, but I didn't like the way he paced or paneled his stories. This avoided a lot of those problems-- it wasn't mind numbingly good, but it was worth watching, & it has the whole cast of the feature films signed on as voice actors. Jenny came home & we ordered delivery again! Hamburgers from Flipsters this time. Well, I got a bison burger. We finished watching Saturday Night Live-- boring-- & then I watched...James & the Giant Peach? I don't know how that happened. I think I remember seeing it in 3D when it first came out. I liked the book when I was little-- well, mostly I liked the little glowing green magical grains of rice-- & the movie doesn't really have much to do with the book, except in the broadstrokes. Why did I watch it? I guess it was sickguy logic?
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