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There & Back Again. (8)

J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, David Wenzel, Charles Dixon & Sean Deming.

Glitter, diamond coat!
Sparkle, scales of golden coins!
Smaug, the Invince- URK!

This comic book was a gift from onatopofthings-- along with Odd & the Frost Giants, come to mention it-- & it is wonderful, as you might expect. I'm feeling a little under the weather today, while the literal weather outside is all slush & rime, & I am hard pressed to think of a better way to spend the morning than curled up with The Hobbit-- & the graphic novel form of that delightful novel will do, in a pinch. Comic book adaptations are a tricky lot-- too light a hand on the adaptation makes it unreadable, while too heavy a hand leaves you feeling like the source material has been betrayed. Chuck Dixon-- yes, "Charles Dixon" is the now much more famous Chuck Dixon-- has it easy. The Hobbit is a simple & charming book, ripe-- it is low hanging fruit, when it comes to adaptations. That sounds rather more back-handed a compliment than I mean it to be-- lets just say that the nature of J.R.R. Tolkien's original writing is like one half of the jigsaw puzzle. The hard part. Which means that Dixon's job is all the easier, & that by putting his nose to the grindstone, he's able to make it sing. The rather more fanciful & faerie tale-like Hobbit has charms that form something of a inverted bell-curve-- when I was younger I adored them, but came to disdain them when I was a younger & more brash creature, obsessed with the trickier works of Professor Tolkien. Now, while my ultimate admiration of The Silmarillion hasn't faded-- rather, deepened-- I find myself appreciating Bilbo's tale more & more. It is the nooks & crannies of Professor Tolkien's world that draw my eye, now. Beorn the skinchanger, what is your story, fellow? Ghân-buri-Ghân & the Drúedain, what is that all about? Those kinds of things. & of course, goblins! I prefer "goblin" to "orc"-- I confess, I've bought in to Dungeons & Dragons division between orcs & goblins. Anyhow, artist David Wenzel-- who does a great job-- excels when it comes to goblins, & to wolves & to flocks of bats hovering overhead. Rise up, green horde!
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