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Slouching Toward Megiddo

Mostly a shut-in since Wednesday, & to happy effect; it suits me. Thursday I came home to a slightly ill Jenny-- she was acting sick to try not to be sick, if you take my meaning. Resting up to give her immune system a chance to fight off whatever might be coming down on her. Me, I went to the gym, & entertained myself there. I mixed up my schedule, which made me feel both really strong & really weak in an alternating sequence-- I'd normally do this exercise after lots of other stuff, so doing it first makes me able to do more weight & more sets, but I normally do that exercise at the outset so pushing it to the back of the queue makes me feel like a wimp when I finally get to it. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was on television, so whenever I went on the elliptical, I just started cracking up, laughing like a maniac. Seriously, how do you expect me to keep this at 6 miles an hour if you bust my gut laughing at Kirk saying Spock took too much "LDS?" Such solid gold. Before coming home I loaded up on cans of soup & orange juice for Jenny, & when I showed them to her she made fun of me for buying Italian wedding soup, saying I liked it so much that I should start a tumblr called "fuckyeahweddingsoup." Really though, my dominant memory of wedding soup is putting it in a blender since the meatballs were too big for me to drink in my liquid diet after I had plastic surgery. After that we watched Modern Family, whose punchline had been ruined for me by a spoiler on a blog post somewhere, but I enjoyed it none the less. Cougar Town was pushed back a week, though, on account of the Tucson memorial services.

Friday night was similarly laid back. Jenny was feeling better, & she even stopped by the office to have a quick lunch with me at City Market, which is the deli I go to almost every day. At home, though, her stomach was feeling a little unsettled, so after teasing her for a while-- a good while!-- I went out to get seltzer to make potions that would sooth her indigestion. While she goofed around I watched the second episode of Young Justice, which is the second half of the last one. As before, I really liked it. I'm still unclear as to what final shape the team will take-- where is Speedy? He's not on the team? Who is Artemis? Will M'gann M'orzz be a bigger part of later episodes (I hope)? That being said, I'm totally into it. I hope there is some exposition about what the hell Aqualad's story is. You know, with Kid Flash & Robin, you can assume the viewer "gets it." You don't need to explain who Robin is, we know. Kid Flash? Super speed? Got it. Superboy? Clone of Superman? Ding, got it. Aqualad? Gills, I guess? Waterbending? Electricity?

After that, Jenny came back in & we watched Dinner For Schmucks, the movie with Paul Rudd (David!) & Steve Carrol. It is a remake of a French film, & it was okay, but not really any good. The best tool I have to describe it was that it was like a mean-spirited Wes Anderson film. "Barry" was occasionally charming with his eerily quaint hobby, but was also the kind of moron who ruins everything-- making him an unpalatable mix of cute & loathesome. Paul Rudd's "Tim" is the unlikable protagonist who should be having a crisis of morality, but never does...until the end, in an awkward & unbelievable dénouement. Jermaine Clement plays an eccentric artist who is really the glue of the movie-- I'm not the biggest Jermaine Clement fan (though Jocelyn says I look like him, to which I reply that not all white guys with glasses look alike) but he really nailed the proper tone of silliness for the film. Same thing with Zach Galifianakis-- I usually don't find him funny in the least, but his turn as the Art Bell-esque mesmerist was a good tentpole for the scenes he was in. Oh, & the Muellers were funny, in part because their interaction with Bruce Greenwood's character seemed like a spoof on the upper echelons of my company, actually. Oh, & Lucy Punch? For some reason, she seems like she should be on How I Met Your Mother. Same energy as that show.
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