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Erewhon. (6)

Lankhmar Book Two: Swords Against Death by Fritz Leiber.

& beneath the hood?
A corpse shroud of spider's web,
or bright hissing eels.

This concludes the bits & pieces of Fafhrd & Gray Mouser's stories that I had seen in graphic novel form. No, wait, there is one with mermaids & an octopus that I haven't read the source material for, yet. Still, I'm quite liking the Lankhmar books-- I've gone ahead & ordered the next one & will probably tear through that voraciously when it gets here. Fafhrd & Gray Mouser continue to be terrible people, but then, they aren't sold as being anything other than awful beings. It has a sort of unrelenting machismo-- I can understand being turned off by it-- but if you overlook it, there are rewards to reap. This book introduces Ningauble of the Seven Eyes & Sheelba of the Eyeless Face-- the patron wizards of the two cutthroats-- & gosh are they wonderful. Really, I'm into them. Is that common? I'm rooting for the wizards. My favorite story was the one about the birds, but I was tickled by the last volume, in which Fafhard & Mouser have to fight against...basically Wal-Mart? Pretty cute. I really don't know what to say. If you at all like pulp or fantasy, give these a spin. You'll almost certainly enjoy them.
Tags: books, haiku, lankhmar, leiber

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