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Ade Means Crown.

(Me in a hood, the Tribe & Olivia on Sunday, photo by Nino.)

I wonder how many burlesque dancers there are named Helena Handbasket. Monday was easy, laid back, put the car into neutral & let it slide down the hill. Heck, what did I do on Monday? Nothing, I'm pretty sure. Oh I know. I grabbed a parting lunch with onatopofthings before he went back to the Wasteland-- soup & dumplings, which suited my mood. Then home, & Jenny & I watched Orlando. Orlando is one of those movies that I never knew existed until suddenly I did-- someone mentioned Tilda Swinton as the eponymous genderbender & I wasn't sure if it was dream casting or what...but it turned out that it existed! I've never read Orlando, so the total of my exposure was from Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics, but it turns out I pretty much had the right of it. What a weird & wonderful film. I wasn't stone sober watching it, so I may have a little punchdrunk affection for it, but I liked it a whole lot. Tilda Swinton turns & stares at the camera a lot. It is confusing & boring, which, you know, is how I like my entertainment. Give me a nice long awkward camera shot of people in surreal situations & period garb & I'm all yours. Then all along to Tuesday, where the big victory was doing laundry. With the onrushing storm-- which turned out to be pretty middling-- we had to stop procrastinating, so we loaded up a massive cart with five laundry bags, & off I trundled. It takes four hours to do laundry, more or less. Anyhow, once I was home, we folded it while watching Castle & splitting a bottle of Professor Friz 1809.
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