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Vanapagan's Revenge. (2)

The Dungeon Alphabet by Michael Curtis.

I rolled a nineteen!
"The Mother of All Puddings?"
What! What does that mean?!

I remembered what I wanted to tell kromelizard, & that is that Erol Otus is still doing work in the gaming community-- & in fact did the lovely cover to this book here, as well as some interior work, along with a number of other artists. The basic concept of the book is simple, & was originally syndicated in a group of blog posts-- Spitballing & random tables for every letter of the alphabet--From Altars & Fungi to Traps & Vermin to Xenophobia & Zowie. The book is what I believe is called "Old School," in that it largely involves dungeon delving, but it is the best kind of Old School, the kind of Old School that even a New School Dungeon Master such as myself can appreciate. That is, it is exeedingly generic, & more involved with inspiring ideas & allowing improvisation than it is with the so-called "crunch" of rules. The random tables aren't straight jackets, but rather colourful wheels of fortune. I'll tell you what-- it succeeds in its task. It makes me want to build a dungeon. Heck, it makes me want to go through, letter by letter, & roll up ever result, peppering them throughout some kind of complex. & then crush puny adventurer's beneath my heel.
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