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Ice to meet you!

Yes, it is very cold, windy, & snowy in Metropolis. I thought the van stuck in the middle of our street for ten hours was ridiculous until I saw the bus stuck perpendicular across the avenue. Fair enough, then! Or day has consisted of...well, pretty much nothin' doin'. Jenny has been playing Epic Mickey most of the day-- she's dealing with the cyberpirates from Captain Hook's ship in Tortuga, right now-- & I've just sort of been scuttling about making myself useful here & there, reading a few comics, fiddling about online, that sort of thing. The only thing we did manage to do was to get to The Park Slope Ale House for dinner. Yeah-- nothing was plowed, when we went in. I had a burger with spinach, on account of I couldn't think of anything better to order, & Jenny had a pot-pie. Drank a Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter while Jenny drank a cider & rum, then tried a bottle of Innis & Gunn Rum Cask beer, which was interesting, while Jenny had the Harpoon Winter Warmer-- which was spiced, so that was nice. Then back home, & Jenny walked Claudio while I went to the store to pick up some dog food-- since Carla & Kenneth are snowed out of Gotham, we've got Claudio longer than we'd planned on. I also picked up some other bare necessities, & a four-pack of Brooklyn Brewery's Monster Barleywine. Which brings us up to here. Jenny is playing video games & I'm...well, watching, I guess. Sort of pointing out stuff like-- "did you try going into the castle?"
Tags: beers, restaurants, video games

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