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The Great Masked Bandit.

Xmas is happening a little bit right now! Hold on, let me finish up on yesterday. I had to dilly-dally instead of going to the gym right away, since my water was out for about an hour, but then I finally went & had a profitable hour & twenty minutes. I would have even liked to stay longer, but I thought discretion was probably the smarter course of action. I came home & Jenny was here already-- we hung out for a bit before finally deciding to get dinner from Park Slope Ale House, & I decided to walk Claudio there, tie him up outside, & go in about fifteen minutes before our food was ready just so I could have a beer! They have the Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter on tap, which is all I ever want-- so I went & read & when my food was ready I came on home. We watched the Jeff Bridges Saturday Night Live, which was alright-- "Jeff'd!" was kind of cracking me up, especially the prank of giving someone ice tea instead of an Arnold Palmer. Hilarious.

Then it was today! We straightened up & before you know it, fordmadoxfraud was here! Have I mentioned our Xmas plans? Jenny & I are having David & elladorian over for Xmas Eve-- we're going to watch an Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon & have a slumber party so that we can all have Xmas morning together. Right now David is in the kitchen cooking up a storm while Jenny watches The Fall-- so good-- & I goof around on the internet. A few minutes ago we finished watching A Christmas Story, which is pretty great, & I read some comics that David brought for me. Holy Incorporated, Batman! Seriously, Grant Morrison's Batman run-- from Batman to Batman & Robin & The Return of Bruce Wayne to Batman, Inc.-- has just been wonderful. Coupled with All-Star Superman, he just gets it, you know? I really didn't like Final Crisis but I can almost overlook that because of Superman Beyond. & now, Batman, Inc. which does what what I've been saying Batman's needed to do for a while-- I'm content! & it is awesome, to boot? Anyhow, I'm going to get back to Xmas-- soon Maggie will be here & the affair will start in all seriousness.
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