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We had a discussion about language last night-- Marie's husband is French, so that gives us a different angle to approach problems from. In particular, Marie was like "what is the word for the spaces between the tines of a fork? It seems like they should have them. & tines! That word is only used for one thing, the teeth of a fork, what is with that?" So when I was done teasing her about sounding like a stoner, we started digging around-- it was the internet versus the Oxford English Dictionary, & Wiktionary was the faster on the draw. First, I noted that the points of antlers can be called tines. Fair enough! Oh, & looking at it now-- it was tind which would be the root of "tinder" I'm guessing. That is interesting. & zinne, which is pinnacle, or refers to the crenelations of a battlement. Oh language, you are crazy. Another thing that came up-- Jenny has recently been counseled by her acupuncturist to eat hot foods in order to balance her yin & yang, which I think is adorable. The internal alchemy of Neidan is an interest of mine-- & figured heavily in my NaNoWriMo novel The Wasteland. Particularly, I have a preference for cold, moist foods-- Jenny often teases me about it, & people think it is gross, but that is what I want. It balances out my choleric disposition, my yellow bile. So anyhow, now my wife is engaged in spiritual alchemy is my point.
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