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Batarang Bangorang!

I was in a terrible mood yesterday. It isn't even a mystery why-- I just didn't eat enough. I skipped the gym, since Jenny was going to cook & it wouldn't be ready for me to eat before I would go. I wasn't about to go fall into a swoon or something. Instead, I stayed at home & fussed at Jenny. I shouldn't have! Things were a-okay. onatopofthings sent me a present & I cheated & opened it right away-- Goldeneye for the Wii! Yay. I was going to take a picture of me playing it, like I did with Castlevania II & Super Mario Bros III, but instead at Jenny's wise suggestion I moved the Wii into the living room so I could use the television instead of the projector. Still-- thanks Ryan! So appropriate, given his current nom de guerre. Deep high school flashbacks playing the first level. On the way home I picked up a new strand of X-mas lights to replace a burned out string, & when I got home I made Jenny hide-- & then hid from Jenny-- while I wrapped some gifts. I win at getting my stuff under the tree first! Then finally it was time to crawl out & meet Jenny. I was still nursing my bad attitude! Jenny had made fish stew-- Portuguese fish stew-- with clams & cod & sausage & potatoes & parsley & all sorts of stuff. It was awfully tasty. The clams were...murdered! Jenny is a cruel mistress.

The stew had been cooked with wine, & we finished the bottle along side of it-- Jenny insisted we fill our glasses to the top & watch Cougar Town. I am glad it was a Bobby episode; poor Bobby. I had noted his lack of romance in a bit, though "Bobby gets it together" is an even better arc. Jenny was affected by the melodrama of it! She was. After that we watched the wonderful stop-motion animated X-mas episode of Community, which was great. That show knows how to knock it out of the park, & its flexibility of story-telling across genres? Gorgeous. Also, the "secular everybody" meaning of X-mas is one I've had no choice but to embrace, so kudos for our team. Jenny is serious about X-mas, so I had to get on board somewhere-- secular social rituals it is! After that we watched Modern Family, which was cute but not one of their best episodes. Closed out the evening with 30 Rock; a good show, but I'm getting very bored with their gender norms. Drag just isn't that funny, guys-- I mean, there is a humor & showmanship but now it is just flogging a dead horse. Then to bed! Our upstairs neighbor walked around in high heels & then didn't wake up when her alarm clock went off at six o' clock. She's been noisy lately!
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