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We will be there when you fall.

It was the end of an era! Or a cycle, anyway, & Ann won! I think America's Next Top Model is making the right decision to start making themselves a weirdo mill. Quit turning out these bland winners that get forgotten immediately after the episode airs! Make more like Nicole & Ann! You know Creepy-chan should have won, & Shandi too. Now you are on a roll, picking the interesting girl as winners. Kudos. I know you are a huge nerd, Tyra; roll with it. Seriously, I saw your "motion editorial"-- Disturbato-- & you are a big old freak. This is why we watch, not to see some boring girl take it home to Iowa & vanish. Anyhow, that was my evening-- just me & Jenny & Lilly. Lilly brought Archie, & forgot to feed him, so he was frisky! We drank a bunch of beer from Anchor brewery-- the stout & the X-mas ale-- & had a nice time. Dinner was Rachel's-- Jenny didn't get what she wanted, so we swapped. That...pretty much sums up how I spent my first day free from NaNoWriMo's shackles. Tonight I'm going to go to the gym; between my hurt arm & the writing blitz, I've been lazy about it; or at least, lazy about my upper body. On the plus side, my legs look fantastic! It gets dark earlier, & I like that. Jenny & I have started watching Cougar Town, after hearing that it defies expectations to be an okay show. I'd say that is an accurate summary of it; it is surprisingly fine, for the most part, & occasionally a shot strikes home. Otherwise, I don't know what I'll do with myself. I caught up on my work stuff from vacation, but now it is time for teleconferences, & I'll fall behind again. I guess Jenny was right when she said I am frequently playing catch up!

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