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Things Jenny looks at me weird for cracking up at. (97)

Problem Sleuth, Book Two: This is Complete Bullshit by Andrew Hussie.

In the music box,
see the beautiful dancer.
Lipstick? A chainsaw.

I eagerly picked up the first volume of Problem Sleuth, & I will snatch up the rest as soon as they become available. You know, I thought that it would be difficult to bring the animated .gifs of the series to the printed page, but this volume does a good job of it-- it is difficult to balance the timing of a joke that was originally based on clicking & waiting for moving image files, but the layout of the book manages to capture that. The annotations on the bottom of the page by Mister Hussie are also very charming; you get double the punchlines, as it turns out. & for all that, it came equipped with a Hussiedoodle.

Tags: books, comics, haiku, mspaint, problem sleuth

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