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Ziz. (96)

Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld.

Loris: "Mister Sharp!"
Then the maddening giggle,
while the golems clashed.

I really adored the first one, Leviathan. This one is better. Jenny listened to the audiobook, which is her loss-- Keith Thompson knocks it out of the park. Of course, Alan Cumming did the audiobook, so I guess it was win/win for us, huh? I'd really like to get into this more, but I slacked off on my NaNoWriMo enough finishing it, already. I will say, a story set in the Ottoman Empire is a great pitch-- & the next book will be in Tokyo? I'm eager for it, & even more eager for the great big "The Art of Darwinist & Clanker World War" or whatever it will be called. This is some fun worldbuilding.

Tags: books, haiku, leviathan, nanowrimo, steampunk, westerfeld

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