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"The Prestige!"

Joking around with Jenny last night, I did this epic flip off to her, totally randomly. She cracked up, but then laughed even harder at how proud of myself I was. Seriously though, I just did this on the spot. It came to me out of the blue, & I thought it was hi-freaking-larious. Now, I shouldn't really be fooling around online, but Bernie requested a video of it, so I obliged. I'm shy of 21,000 words & I have every intention of getting to 22,000 by the end of the day, so I shouldn't be goofing off. What I'm finding is that I am maybe developing decent pacing for a novel, which means that for the 50,000 word novella of NaNoWriMo I might be a little light on things actually happening. My solution? More words. I wonder if I will hit 60,000 words this year. Too early to say, but I'm happy with my momentum so far.
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