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Small halos. (92)

Koko Be Good by Jen Wang.

The black blot of planes
cris-crossing the sky...look out!
Peachy's Puff's Candy Girls!

This is another of the Flight alumni, like Ben Hatke. I'm really glad that Flight was such a successful showcase, letting authors make the leap to longer works. I found Koko... pretty compelling, in part because of what I didn't want to happen! I had very firm ideas on what endings I would find unacceptable. The premise of this book is pretty simple-- it follows the intersecting lives of a coming of age twenty-something who is just starting to get his act together & is on the cusp of moving to Peru to be with his long distance girlfriend, a "free-spirited" girl who takes advantage of others in her blundering quest for fun who decides to try to be "good & a high-school physical prodigy living with his older sister & strict parents stuck in the funk of adolescence. It would have been easy for this book to make me angry, but it never did. Good luck growing up; it is hard & stupid but if you do it right it is awesome. There were a few panels that I had a hard time following, but then a) maybe if I was more well-versed in indie comics I would have the "language" of their panel motion down better & b) hey, even the most super-heroic Bendis comic has panels that confuse me, sometimes. The water-coloury look of the book drew me in; the bleed is actually really great. Mostly...mostly I spent a lot of time looking at character's noses. You know what? I kind of want to give this book to Alex. She's like a non-disastrous Koko, maybe. Like the Koko Done Good.
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