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A trick of the light.

(Zak Smith, (clockwise from left) "Nightmare Town," "Crawler 4," "Dyson Disk," & "Crawler.")

(Liao Yibai, "Cinderella High Heel.")

Yesterday I hung out with Reigh & her husband Andrew! I haven't seen Reigh in forever-- last time she was in town her late nights collided with my early mornings & meant we weren't able to synchronize our schedules. This time we carpe diemed. This is my first time meeting Andrew; I liked him. We're all a nice clique of nerds. I took them to Shake Shack, since it is close to the Flatiron & is one of those things visitors like to do. Now when people talk about hamburgers, they've got that hat to throw in the ring. Or they would, if Reigh hadn't convinced herself that it was Sugar Shack. The weather was a bit chilly, & I hadn't accounted for their Bay Area acclimation, so they had to keep swapping Andrew's jacket back & forth. Then we walked over to Chelsea to see some art exhibits. Zak Smith, the writer of D&D With Porn Stars was having "A Show About Nothing" at Fredericks & Freiser gallery. It is always interesting to see the onion peels of an artist-- I just am aware of Zak Sabbath né Smith from a bunch of different angles. "Dyson Disk" (2010) was my favorite, for obvious reasons. Along the way we spotted another exhibition we wanted to peek at-- on the way back we stopped in, but only for a quick glimpse of Liao Yibai's "Real Fake" exhibition at Mike Weiss gallery. Giant Mesoamerican high fashion shoes are pretty great. I took a picture of Andrew & Reigh near it & she put her arm around it, but yanked it away when I glanced at it. I guess I have like, a chaperon "look," huh?

When I came home, Jenny was still miserable & sick. I bought her a truckload of medicine & kept her company. I was antsy to finish the book I was reading but I experimented with not being a selfish jerk for once. Jenny wanted a "chicken pot pie" but not the crummy ones from the grocery store-- I went through all our menus with a fine tooth comb ("We ain't found shit!") & discovered that Park Slope Ale House had them, so I ordered pick-up from them. I always order pick-up, since everything is like a block from where I live. The "pot pie" turns out to be more like chicken stew with phyllo bread on top, but I think it was pretty close. We spent the night watching television together, starting with Community. Oh man, the space jockey episode cracked me up. Maybe not as much as the paintball one, but it was near & dear to my heart. The use of "themed" episodes is meta in a weird way that I am impressed Community can consistently pull off. Of course, speaking of meta, the live episode of 30 Rock was pretty cute. The timing felt all "off" without editing, but the winks to the audience we fun. I didn't see the west coast episode, but I'll watch the clips. Oh, we also watched two episodes of Outsourced, which isn't a good show. We put it on when there was nothing else to do-- like when I went out to pick up the food, Jenny turned it on-- but yeah; there is a shadow of a decent show in there, but there is also a shadow of a super offensive show, too, though both are over-ridden by the mediocre reality. I slept the night in Spare Oom, so that Jenny could have the whole bed to fuss & kick in. The new futon isn't so bad, if I get the diagonal just right.
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