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To spite your face.

(Esther by Patrick Demarchelier, MSPaint by Mordicai.)

Jenny has been sick & that has been a bummer, especially since it has come coupled with a few other stressers in her life. Me, I am just doing me best to be a good team-mate. Being present, running to go buy a neti pot in the rain, reigning in any spending & generally upping the thrift ante, that kind of thing. I think I am doing a good job balancing taking care of her with giving her space. Giving space isn't a thing I'm naturally inclined towards. I will hold up my end & try to shoulder a little of her extraneous burdens so she can do the heavy lifting. I'm proud of her & I know she can handle it-- my job it to grease the wheel & make it as easy as possible. In a way, her being under the weather is kind of helpful, because I can do concrete things. I can fetch dinner, I can set up the humidifier, I can bring her water. The less esoteric the better; sometimes I think I am utterly inept at those social graces. I can make Jenny feel loved, since that is true, but aiding relaxation & assuaging deeper worries is something I'm not best at. I'm not the ideal candidate, maybe. I feel kind of anthropologist on mars. I want to pluck the thorn from her paw, but that is something I can't do. Anyhow, I think I've been tolerably decent as a husband, but I'm always striving to do better.

Wednesday was Television Night! I actually was able to sneak out inbetween getting home & people coming over & go to the gym for forty minutes of cardio. My arm, for the record, seems fully better now, but my brain is telling me to be careful. Mostly I'm over-cautious, as I distrust the meat processors & hardware I'm running on. Anyhow, I did my time in the hoosegow & picked up some shish kebab & kafta kebab, took a shower & settled in to hang out with Jenny. fordmadoxfraud & elladorian were going to be late, & fatbutts wasn't coming at all, though she did stop by to drop off the DVD of The Fall, so that I could loan it to Sherene-- besides it is On Demand now anyway. When Maggie & David did show up, we plotted out our plans for Xmas a bit & then got down to business. We only watched America's Next Top Model on account of Jenny's illness & the late hour-- it was a kind of goofy episode? Wal-Mart & Cover Girl themed challenges are never interesting; they just seem like what they are. Product placement. They lack any guile or subtly, & come off hollow. The actual shoot was with Patrick Demarchelier, but the stylist, Lori Goldstein, stole the a bad way. The outfits were awful, just awful. Kayla looked like a Ukranian Newsie, & I kept singing made-up songs about her, ("We live in boxes, we only eat beet soup!") which made Maggie look at me like I was crazy. She also looked at me like I was a lunatic when I said padded toilet seats train people to poop in movie theaters. Anyhow, nobody looked good, but Chris should absolutely wear her hair like it was in this shoot-- she looked almost Harajuku. Not FRUiTS or anything, but...well, you know what I mean. Ann won best picture again, & like usual she deserved it. In particular her "walking shot" looks superheroic, like she's in the middle of "up, up & away!" Esther has also been growing on me; she's a sleeper with potential.

Yesterday was much more laid back. Jenny came home early from work, answering my internal question of "should I go to the gym?" Anyhow, the gym going seems to be working out, since Jenny said she thought my abs were looking more well defined. Huh. I don't agree with her but it is nice to hear! Anyhow, I'm currently going gonzo over the book I'm reading so I wanted to lock myself away in the bedroom & read all night. Which is more or less what happened. As I said, I was able to make myself feel useful running errands for Jenny, & she was appropriately appreciative, so that was nice. We watched Modern Family together while we ate burritos, watching the Rorschach blot that all sitcoms are, then I went back to the other room to read. I felt like maybe I was getting sick? Or was concerned about it, anyway. Worrywort! I bought a new kind of mouthwash-- actually lets digress on the subject. I usually buy Listerine, since that floods the market. Jenny always says she hates it but I didn't figure out why until recently, though she claims she's always told me why. She hates it because it reminds her of when I was bedridden with a broken face for four months & couldn't brush my teeth, only use mouthwash. Ah-ha! So I bought a new brand of mouthwash, & it is awful. I gargle as part of my hygenie; as a hedge against bacteria taking hold in the warm dark places of my throat, yes? & this stuff foams when you gargle, it bubbles up out of your mouth. Useless. Anyhow, in the middle of the night Jenny crept out into Spare Oom, taking her humidifier with her, & I didn't notice till this morning when I woke up. Sad! I had lots of nightmares, which would make sense; especially since my book is filled with
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