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Tall Tails. (88)

Bone: Tall Tales by Jeff Smith & Tom Sniegoski.

The bear showed its fangs;
porcupine held sticks for claws:
"Like this? Rat creatures!"

I don't have to talk up Bone, do I? I mean, everyone has read it & understands what a triumph of comics, cartooning & storytelling it is, right? I'm going to take that for granted. This volume is more of a nudge than a complete work-- a sort of poke in the shoulder, reminding you how great Bone is. If you've read Stupid, Stupid Rat Tails you've already read half of it-- which is a caveat worth being told up front. Half of this book is reprinted content, but since I haven't read it since I was killing time in the backseat of Cortney's car back in college, I didn't mind. The rest of the stories here are in the same vein-- two written & drawn by Jeff Smith, two written by Tom Sniegoski & drawn by Jeff Smith. I wish there was a Rose-type story, with writing by Smith & art by Charles Vess, but alas, no. The book, due to its episodic nature, winds up more "cute" than anything-- though I will say I coo'd & clucked over Bartleby, from his fangy smile to his solemn wide eyes. As usual, you don't see Boneville, which is a good thing-- can I tell you, I think Boneville is like New York. I think it is a bustling modern city, I always have. Phoney Bone makes a lot more sense if you think of him in that context. This is an endearing trip down memory lane; heck, it sure makes me remember just how great & epic in scope the main thrust of Bone was.
Tags: bone, books, comics, haiku, smith

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