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One day spellcheck will recognize portmanteaus!

TV night! It was a huge confab, actually! I'm still shaking off the after effects. Let me start near the beginning; ranai is in town! She came in yesterday & we got lunch at Republic, going halfsies on a plate of noodles & a bánh mì & a bowl of corn soup with tofu. I lugged her back up to the office, & then she met me after work to head to my apartment. On the train, the old guy! The recent old guy. He is a man who has been making small talk with me in the neighborhood for a few years; I just recently figured out where I know him from-- the gym. & now I know that he teaches fashion at Parsons. When we got home, Danielle & I played Super Mario Brothers 3 & split a piece of carrot cake in Spare Oom while we waited for Jenny to get home. Jenny was sad there wasn't any cake left & Danielle pinned the rap on me. Eventually people started trickling in; special guest onatopofthings! Ryan & Danielle double feature! First though, while getting burritos from Rachel's, Dizzy & I bumped into fatbutts. So back in, pick up Lilly's stuff, then back home & into PJs.

Where fordmadoxfraud & elladorian were, already! They weren't going to come on account of Maggie being under the weather, but for special guests she decided to be a trooper! Then next was Carla & her dog Claudio, then James & his & Lilly's dog, Archie. Archie is young & rambuncious, Claudio is old & shy. Claudio was hidden in Spare Oom with only me to come & visit him! I did it. America's Next Top Model was fine: moving runways are wonderful stupidity, as are luchadore photo shoots. Modern Family was also very funny, but yikes, I was drunk by then. Alcohol-- I don't drink it that often any more? Which is fine with me but I have forgotten the skills of moderation. All or nothing are not the only selections, Mordicai! Anyhow-- today I grabbed lunch with Ryan in the park; we ate Shake Shack, which he'd never had. I had one of their Octoberfest sausages, with pretzels on top-- also, a Shack Stack. Take a burger, yum, then take a portabella mushroom, fill it with cheese, deep fry it, then put that on top of the burger patty. Gulp. We bumped into toughlad in that park, flush from a win at People's Court-- with his financial windfall, he was taking skycornerless to a fancy lunch. I recommended he go to Tabla while the getting was good, since it is closing. Which brings us to now. I'm utterly unmotivated.
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