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Man of Tungsten.

I had a sad Jenny on my hands for a little bit yesterday, which left me discombobulated. I was busy at work, which left me flustered. Just like the pulling of dominoes from a stack, leaving it unsteady. & Jenny is melancholy again today, for different reasons, & I want to help but don't know how. This is the house of cards I'm dealing with. Jokers all around. It worked out though, not to worry, because I am amazing & awesome. I've had some lunch dates but not others-- newfriend Cherise & I went to sushi, Tom & I ate in the park, but Tracey & I couldn't synchronize our schedules. When I finally dusted off the work week & put it back on the shelf, I was not ahead of the game, but just on top of the game. Came home & ate burgers with Jenny while watching an episode of Castle. Another disc of Season One came, so I'm wading through that, & she's part of the viewing party. I kept being buffeted by waves of directionless strife, by the heart of malice in my chest peaking out of my throat. Keep on laughing! Like I just told Sam & Tracey on chat, being in a bad mood makes me super "lolsy," as I'm full of bitter seeds of laughter. Eventually I went to the gym, which was nice. Chemical moderation. I did a nice hour twenty, but without going to the weight room! I don't know, I decided that rather than do my curls with free weights, I'd use the machines. Basically-- ever so often I want to mix it up, do the machines I rarely do. Get my muscle confusion on. I watched Warehouse 13 & How I Met Your Mother reruns on the elliptical machine-- I did a bunch of cardio last night-- & I think that Warehouse 13 show is maybe decent? It seems like fun pulpy adventure. Came home & read a little bit, then to bed. Now I'm just talking about game with Sam & Tracey, but I think I should grab some breakfast. I'm all rumble in the jungle grumble belly.
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