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Milked From the Fang.

Yesterday was a misery of allergies. I just was in a web of torment, dark strands choking me. Drip, drip, drip. Red rimmed nostrils. I promise I'm not a coke fiend, officer, I'm just trying to survive while these plants have sex with me. Terrible, awful-- I needed to go to the gym, was over-due in fact, but couldn't bring myself to do so. Heck, not keeping my head tilted back at at 45° angle was a questionable act. I tried my best not to complain or sniffle too loudly, but Jenny said I was being very dramatic. I may-- it is possible-- have a flair for histrionics. So instead I finished the book I was reading & did very little else. We left the apartment to forage for breakfast, & Jenny was crushed-- demolished, depressed, such a sad lamb!-- when they didn't have the stuff to make a turkey melt. It was weird, I'll admit. I had sausage & eggs on a bagel with asiago cheese, & she sulked & went hungry but for a bialy. Then lunch-- "Pizza Share," in which Jenny & I just nibble from a few pieces of various pizza pies. The crummy little pizza shops across from us is actually a pretty good pizza shop, tucked away with lasagna slices & buffalo chicken slices & broccoli rabe slices & pesto slices & all that jazz. Dinner was stew, which Jenny made-- that was obviously the best of the meals. Television is in a rut, so all we had were a few episodes of The Colbert Report to half-way pay attention to & half-way ignore. Me & my runny nose weren't interested in focusing enough to watch Maggie Q in the Nikita pilot. Eventually it was time to meet up with Kira & Nino for our Tribal Sunday bash. We walked over there, met up with them, & ate ice cream. It was fancy ice cream! I actually think I might have liked the blackberry flavor best? Well, on account of how I had high expectation. The last time I had fancy ice cream was at The Vanderbilt & the mint had tasted like mint, like the leafy herb! Maybe that is spearmint or something?

We ended the evening with the season finale of True Blood. We all knew the revelation that Bill had met Sookie working for the Queen of Louisiana was coming. Frankly, I thought all that fell flat. Pretending to hurt Sookie to trick RUssel? Duh, Sookie. If you actually trusted Bill, like you claim to, you wouldn't feel so easily betrayed. & I don't know what to tell you, but it isn't hard for me to imagine a chain of events in which Bill working for the Queen wasn't coercion, just like his bad behaviors this season have been. Don't get me wrong, Sookie & Bill's relationship is messed up, but I don't think any of the events of this final episode of the season were outside of the "normal" range of their dysfunction. I was happy to see Eric out of the concrete-- that was good, not dragging that out, because duh Eric gets out. Pam was the big winner this episode; as I said, the more maker/child relationship stuff, the better. Jason's entire plot line was dumb, top to bottom. Seeing Hoyt finally step up was nice; I hope Hoyt & Jessica don't get married, but rather stay as a healthy couple for a little while. I feel like having a relationship that works would be the real surprise for the program. Also, Team Jessica, you know? I thought Angel Godric was a bit much-- I like Godric a lot myself, but this was taking what should have been a scalpel & using it as a hammer. Anyhow-- there is the promise of more Russel Edgingon, so that is good news, in the final tally of the ledger. I will say that Choice of Vampire might be a better vampire story-- though I am partial to those Choose Your Own Adventure games.
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