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Vim, Pulchritude, & Imagination (77)

Problem Sleuth, Book One: Compensation, Adequate by Andrew Hussie.

& Tootsie Roll Frankenstein,
Gummy Worm Zombie.

The webcomic Problem Sleuth is one of the great achievements of our time. It is an epic of the internet age, & it make elves cry, weasels flip out, pigs get punched in the face & clowns slap people on the rump. If you haven't read it, you live a life without luster or madness. You are the timid who flinch from the Abyss. The boy at the library who says "NeverEnding Story? Sounds lame." You are fools, but you are in luck. You can read the whole thing online for free, at the link above. "What...what if Armageddon comes? What if I am trapped in a world without the internet?" Well, sweet darling friends-- in case of just such an occasion, there has with great care & wisdom been printed a book. A book! With...the first five chapters. There will be more! We can only hope there will be more. Problem Sleuth is greater than Dada, greater than avante-garde, greater than post-modernity. It was written as a meta-text (meta-comic?), complete with audience participation, but to say that is the whole is to say that life on Earth is just primordial soup, just lightning fused amino acids. Problem Sleuth is so much more; I don't know what, but it is. It is the sort of thing that will leave you laughing like a crazy person on the train in the quittin' time rush hour, despite already knowing all the jokes by heart. It manages to make you care about stupid ridiculous stick figure morons-- the eponymous Problem Sleuth, & his rival-friends Ace Dick & Pickle Inspector (Black Romances gone Moirallegiance with the rise of their Kismesis Mobster Kingpin). I'm all to happy to own this slim collectors volume, & have it sit handsomely on my shelf. Besides, Problem Sleuth paved the way for the real craziness in Home Stuck...

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