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First Son of Krypton.

(from Lex Luthor: Man of Steel; art by Lee Bermejo.)

Last night Jenny & I met up with Kira & Nino to get dinner at The Vanderbilt. We had meant to go there last time we had dinner, but Kira was pregnant & tired & the two blocks further were too much for her to contemplate, so we went to Amorina instead. Anyhow, I liked the Vanderbilt, especially the sweetbreads. Brains! Well, sweetbreads are close enough to brains to count. Okay, they aren't close at all, but for some reason I think they are the same. Like-- popular misconception? Remember how much I liked the lamb brains at Blue Hill? I was just thinking that being in a couple prevents all kinds of funny dating pranks-- I totally would meet a girl on some online dating website & then play our dates around restaurants that serve brains...& only order brains, every time we went out. Let her slowly catch on. How creepy is that, the guy who only eats brains? Anyhow, that was basically the summit of my weekend. I did nothing. I only went to the gym once, even. I just read comics, wrote about role-playing games, & played video games. The pinnacle of leisure!

These are the notes I wrote on my hand today, single words, fleshed out.

  • Nest: I said last night that when I went to college & got my dead grandmother's bed that was the first bed I ever had, but that wasn't strictly true. I had a waterbed growing up, but I didn't sleep in it. Instead, I made a little nest of sleeping bags between it & the wall. Yeah, for most of my young life I slept on the floor-- when I moved into the basement I took the mattress from a sofa bed & set that down there, but it was still more of a pad. This isn't a shocking revelation-- everyone likes a little blanket fortress, right? I guess what is sillier is that I slept fully clothed & with shoes on till I was-- what, twenty? Jenny broke me of the habit, because it was ridiculous. Why? "What if I need to be ready?" Ready for what? Well, Armageddon, of course, what else? Sleep with your boots on, soldier! I admit that it still makes sense to me, but I also feel more "castled" in my apartment. Like, I have a home, which I didn't really have before. It is my fortification, my bunker.

  • Time: I realized that when I see a fragment of a movie, & it doesn't immediately make sense, that I assume time travel is involved. Even if it is a Lifetime movie. I've been seeing bits & pieces of a movie with a young Kristen Stewart, Adam Brody, & Meg Ryan in it at the gym-- you hop on the elliptical machine during the day or on the weekend & you'll note the gulf in television programming; it is notable & awful, & I'll watch anything to avoid infinite channels of baseball exhibitions & football scrums. Anyhow, In the Land of Women is not about time travel, but I just assumed it was from the bits & pieces I had seen. I realized yesterday-- when I achieved critical mass as a viewer & realized that Adam Brody wasn't from the future, & Meg Ryan, Kristen Stewart & Olympia Dukakis weren't playing the same character separated by a gulf of years-- that maybe assuming space-time shenanigans as a default was a crazy thing to do. Well, I won't stop! I won't like in a world like that! Anyhow, that is a weird movie, but I watched it, mostly all of it. I like Adam Brody.

  • Cork: I kept a cork board when I was little; I think mostly everyone did, right? Isn't that typical? I feel like that is a regular childhood experience. Mine was obsessively covered in Tolkien apocrypha; loose ends, photocopies, pages torn out of battered paperbacks with disintegrated spines that no amount of scotch tape could repair. You know, I had the Tengwar, the runes (see also, the Elfish Meme) that kind of thing. Notes, translations, letters between him & C.S. Lewis. Notable among these were Angus McBride's illustrations from the Middle-Earth Role Playing game. I played Morloke, a Nodolor Sorcerer, past tenth level, converted to Role Master, which as you can imagine was a nightmare. Notable among those MERP illustrations was the one of Galadriel, which I just found a painted version of! You probably don't understand how much I like Galadriel, but let me assure you, it is alot, & then more. Cate Blanchett has been elevated to sainthood just by brushing up against her, just by pulling on her mantle in a game of lets-pretend.

  • Gate: When I exit the train at my stop to go to work, I get out near a chokepoint. Right near an exit that goes above ground. The problem is that the gate is two of the tall turnstiles, & that is it. Which means that if someone is there-- frantically trying to catch the train that is currently in the station-- you can't go out, at least, not without being a huge jerk. There is an emergency exit there, though, & so-- I open it. This is rush hour-- there are dozens of people behind me-- & filtering through three doors is obviously much more efficient than filtering through two, not to mention that it allows the people coming in through the turnstiles a chance to get in before the slam of people make that impossible. & of course, if you don't let them through, they become obstacles, obstructing the flow of people exiting the train. You don't want a stampede! Am I ethically in the right? I think clearly I am, though people have complained that it is noisy to set off the emergency exit alarm. Is it an "emergency"? Not as such, but then, this is the same door that is opened for people with baby strollers, or carts, or luggage. "Emergency" is clearly a fluid definition. The exit is poorly designed-- or perhaps designed as best it could be, given parameters unknown to me-- so I make the rational choice. A considered flexing of "the rules." I'm not a slave to The Law, rather, it is my servant, the servant of all of us. This is why enfranchisement is important-- the truer that statement, the better.
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