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Kryptonians, the Angels of Death.

(From Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime, art by Pete Woods.)

Finished up the rest of fordmadoxfraud's comics, next stop: Sherene & Henry. Lets see-- Invincible 74? Why did David pick up this title after so long? It really doesn't make any sense. It is cute to see that Tech Jacket is in reoccurring character in it these days, but otherwise? Meh, who cares. I've kind of come to hold the opinion that Kirkman's comics are great for the first couple of trade paperback's worth, but then sharply decline in quality; once he's burned through his A-game he drops immediately to C- & D-game. The character of Invincible was great, but would have been better with an end point, or becoming a running commentary on Superman & Spider-Man. Instead it spiraled off on its own tangent. Shadowland 1 has pretty much fulfilled my expectations for mediocrity. Listen "Daredevil becomes the leader of The Hand" is a great pitch, but I don't buy it. Just like I didn't buy "Daredevil becomes the Kingpin of Crime" when that was the reboot. I mean-- I would buy either of those premises, but I doubt editorial commitment to the cause. We'll end up back in reboot la-la land soon enough. Plus, going about this was seems "extreme," as in "EXTREME!" or "EXXXTREME!" or "X-TREME!" It just seems very Comicbook Dark Ages: "Daredevil kills people now! He's DARK!" Seriously? Like I said, I'm down with Daredevil, leader of The Hand, but I don't have any faith in the story. & a story about Daredevil killing criminals that doesn't high-light The Punisher? I guess my point is-- I'd be down with Shadowland, if I had any hope that the story would be good. I don't, at least not yet.

Spider-Girl: The End was very "blah." Spider-Girl is a great concept, set in the nebulous "future that is now." That is, the world is the same as the modern day, but all the regular Marvel heroes are old people, & the next generation has filled the gap. Part of the problem is that DeFalco's other heroes just don't have any cache-- what I want is Mayday Parker folded into the future with the kids of Next Avengers, like the current Avengers story. I also want an old Peter Parker who isn't a punk & a failure-- see also, why Brand New Day makes me barf. For all that, Spider-Girl retains its Bronze Age charm; there are clearly nuggets of gold in here, even if the rest is silt. Superman: Secret Origin 6 is fine with me, in a way that other Secret Origin stories haven't been. I don't care about a Green Lantern soft-reboot, but Superman is great, I'll read about him. Not to mention, it is basically an unabashed love letter to Christopher Reeve. I will say that I'm a much bigger fan of the Superman who has revealed himself to Lois Lane-- that romance is a lot better as a mature relationship than the misogynistic shenanigans of the Silver Age.

David is still buying Brightest Day, & I'm not sure why. It isn't awful, but it isn't good, either. Number 9 at least has events in it, putting it worlds ahead of 1 through 8. The best things I can say about it are visual. I really like the way the "other Green Martian" is drawn; I find it very evocative & a little haunting. It is part orca, part alien, & part "Martian Manhunter," & it all works for me. The same thing with Mera & Siren's costumes, & to a lesser extent Aquaman's. The emphasis on the scales, the sort of wet-suit-y silhouette & the marine accessories make the Atlanteans seem like a good writer could pull them off. The hydromancy helps, too. I really would like to see Aquaman live him to his potential, & I think telepathy & water manipulation are stepping stones on that path. The last comic David gave me was Hit Monkey which I...don't get. I can't tell if it is supposed to be funny or...what is this? Hit Monkey. I'm as big a fan of Julius Schwartz's "monkey on the cover" gimmick, but a miniseries about a monkey with guns doing the bidding of the ghost of an assassin? That is maybe a little too high concept for me. No, wait, I take that back-- I'd buy the concept if the story was any good. Has Daniel Way written anything I like? Dark Wolverine was very, very blah, & Wolverine: Origins was worse.
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