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I wonder if maybe I've been fighting off a cold? It would explain my fussiness & my lethargy & my strange appetites. Also, Jenny has been fighting off a cold, & we make-out. It is a theory! Though of course yesterday's bad mood was in part because I struggled with that Influence Map as though I had fingers of lead & a head full of cotton wool. Today so far I've succeeded in drawing a map-- finally! I've been sort of struggling with this map for a little bit, & I finally sort of cheated by using hexes. Now of course I have to smooth out the edges, but I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out. The heavy lifting has been done. Also, I killed Dracula! Another triumph for the Belmont clan. I only recently downloaded "Castlevania: the Adventure" Rebirth (how the heck do you punctuate that title?) but as it is an action game, beating it so quickly isn't a mark against it. I liked it-- it is very old school. I didn't like that as things got "harder" the monsters just dealt more damage-- like, I hate games where increasing the difficulty just means the AI "cheats"--- but the quality of the game wasn't harmed by it. The backgrounds are interesting & matter to the level-- there are gears & moving pieces in the clocktower, there are dripping caves & secret passages in the moat, that kind of thing. Dracula was pretty hard, unless you concentrate, & even then his third form is a pain in the neck-- pun totally intended. Otherwise? Jenny upgraded iTunes & cleaned out the hard-drive of duplicates & songs we don't need, & labeled some stuff, like the songs from the wedding. I've been listening to Jenny & Johnny's I'm Having Fun Now, & I like it a lot. I like it when artists "keep it real." Yeah, Jenny Lewis's lonely songs have been the antiphon to some lonesome Mordicai-times, but now I'm all happily coupled & she's all happily coupled & I'm glad she's making fun songs about having a boyfriend. Right on, darling. & "Animal" is clearly the stand-out track, right? Oh, & in other good news, one of my players-- Tracey-- actually read my house rules post about magic & was interested in it, at least conceptually. Always nice to know that you pet projects aren't totally in vain. In bad news, last night some people in our building came home from the bar at four in the morning with some friends. Loud drunk morons were noisy in the hallway & noisy in the courtyard, since their windows were open. Again, this doesn't happen often-- not since the last time I complained about it. It is a holiday weekend, so I should settle down, but also, waking people up is a jerk move. I don't know who the people are, but my bias is against the guys with beards.
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