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This stupid thing took me all day to make.

I came across the idea of an Influence Map on Aaron Diaz's & John Allison's blogs today, & since I'd touched on the idea when I blurbed about the Alexander McQueen book, I figured I'd go ahead & do it. Little did I know that I'm a moron, incapable of the most basic tasks. The only image editing software I "know" how to "use" is MSPaint, & the Mac clone of it, Paintbrush, is the worst, just the pits. & I'm terrible at Photoshop, & I just messed everything up, then the computer would mess everything up-- I'm not exaggerating when I say this dang thing took me all day. Most of my influences are utterly banal, I realized. No kidding, going to go out on a limb & say Miyazaki & Amano are cool artists? I'm on the edge! Also, they are all men. I've got problems today. I skipped the gym to do this frustrating thing-- once I was ninety percent done & the computer hiccuped, I tried to fix that for an hours, then I started from scratch only to remember that I suck at Photoshop, then I started again...well, here you go. Demon, I exorcise thee. Tlaq, tlaq, tlaq. Otherwise, Jenny & I ate hamburgers & watched Cop Out. It continues the trend of vaguely funny-ish movies, with last night's Date Night. Boring, but I chuckled a few times. Yes, the computer was on my lap while I watched. I'm not kidding about wasting my entire day making it. I decided to go with just visual influences, & mostly pictures, & leave out most cinema, since that can get too muddled trying to figure out who is the influence-- the set designer? The costume designer? The concept artists? I don't know. Blerg.
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