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When I say "headdesk" I mean your head.

Nice lazy day! I took the day off work for a fat four day weekend, & have squandered today in leisure. Hooray! That is mostly what I'm interested in, anyhow-- boring old shut-in. Yesterday after work I came on home & met up with Jenny & Kira to help with moving-- Kira & Nino's new place is .3 miles farther away, which is sad, but it is nice. We lifted things, & such. Then Nino came home from work, & we went to Amorina for dinner of pizza & pasta. Well, dinner mostly of making fun of each other on the topic of mathematics-- fractions, in particular. We are deep & subtle mages! I made some jape that made Kira crack up like crazy, but I forgot it. Maybe it was how I kept cutting a piece of pizza in half, over & over? The pizza was good, the pasta was good, the service was ridiculously low. Our server didn't have a pad of paper, but also couldn't remember our order-- he kept asking! Get a pad of paper, then, guy! Anyhow, we finished up & Jenny & I walked home. So far today I've done very little besides watch Date Night, which was...fine? It is as mediocre as you'd expect, but we realized that Kira's cousin Joe is basically Mark Wahlberg. There were a few laughs, but it was yeah, just a safe, boring movie. Oh, & remember those Choice of... games? Well there is a new one, Choice of Romance, & it is a bunch of fun. It is set in a sort of feudal quasi-Spain, with magic & gender equality. I was doing well, but was dumb & poor-- I decided to pursue true love, but then I was tempted by power! I courted the queen & killed her consort with death magic, & it backfired on me. Pursuing the queen ruined my reputation, but my magical power was unequaled-- here are my ending stats. & I finally stopped reading Octopus Pie, with this strip. Seriously, people are like, ashamed to like Lady Gaga? Oh you pretentious useless morons. Ever since the author moved away from New York, it has become one of those "oh New York must be terrible, else why should I have left it?" fables, which annoy me. I get it, you moved. Seriously though, the self-loathing & shame at utterly innocuous things has come to characterize the comic, & I've found myself annoyed at it pretty much every time I see it. "Oh no! Is it ironic enough?" I don't care.
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