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Don't Lighten Up, It's Not Just Fashion. (75)

Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation by Kristin Knox.

The Other World slipped
& McQueen saw into It.
like Lovecraft, with clothes.

People like to talk about their influences. In role-playing games, it is usually a list of books & movies, maybe some songs. Maybe I don't say this enough, then-- Alexander McQueen is a huge influence on my setting, Oubliette...but then, you probably already knew that. Still, the credit deserves to be made more firmly. Fashion is a medium too often neglected, or rather, too often compartmentalized. & nobody should put baby in the corner. There shouldn't be segmentation between art nerds & fashion nerds & game nerds. We're all in the same soup of worldbuilding. I know it is cliche to be obsessed with McQueen, now that Gaga & his death have elevated him fulling into the public eye, but so what. He's amazing. He deserves to be "the famous one." Heck, I like certain celebrities just because they wear McQueen. I was reading Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed when I heard that he'd killed himself, & when I finished I wondered if I might find a new star in Thierry Mugler or Viktor & Rolf or what. So far nothing has taken. McQueen still reigns supreme, & this book is like a steaming helping of whoah. Many of his looks I'm familiar with-- I've dressed characters in his "chain mail" before, for instance, & his Spring/Summer 2001 Asylum collection is still melting my face off, but there were plenty of pieces I'd missed before; certainly the less theatrical & costume-y things weren't on my radar. I'm tempted to chase down each piece & try to describe it, but that would be fruitless-- suffice to say there is enough mind-blowing fashion photography in here to justify owning it forever & ever. In particular on this reading I was really moved by the Asian armor influences-- there is some great Legend of the Five Rings imagination fodder in here. His final collection appears in part, as an epilogue, but it left out my favorite piece, so I will leave you with that.

Tags: books, fashion, haiku, knox, mcqueen

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