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A lazy Sunday with very little to report. I didn't go to the gym, since I am trying to get back on a more stable schedule-- last weekend's hat-trick was admirable, but I don't want to have work weeks where I don't exercise followed by three days of over-effort. That isn't ideal at all; I want to break it up on a more regular schedule. Give my bones & muscles time to knit their iron embrace. So it was a darn lazy Sunday; I downloaded a new Wii game, Castlevania: the Adventure Rebirth, which is a mouthful. It is an old school game, like Mega Man 10, & starts pretty easy but gets pretty hard. Seriously, other than that though, I don't know. We ate some diner food, but there wasn't even television for Jenny & I to watch together. We watched Tosh.0 & I guess some Daily Show but those shows aren't quality, they are filler. I defend the medium of television-- it is the dominant art form of our civilization, & I think the people who sniff their nose & brag about not owning a television are basically the same people who decried the Groundlings at the Globe. & hey, The Daily Show is quality satire, & important to our age, but like-- as a thing more than in any specific case. So yeah-- I did nothing much, all day.

In the evening, we went over to Kira & Nino's to watch True Blood. People have been saying the episode was boring, & I guess so. I don't mind. I thought Eric looked really hot in previews, but didn't when we were actually watching-- & I realized it was because Kira & Nino don't have a high definition cable, so their aspect ratio is squished! So instead of super tall & virile Eric, he's been a little dwarfish. Anyhow, it was a good episode for Jessica, which is really all I care about at this point-- well, Jessica & Russel, who is amazing. Denis O'Hare is in my dreamteam, along with Michael Emerson & Tricia Helfer. Anyhow, I'm used to looking at Jessica in a semi-platonic way-- like I said, she reminds me of a more grown up version of the teenager from Castle-- but in this episode she was pretty hot. Her relationship with Hoyt is great, I want only good things for that vampkid. Anyhow, as a total aside, Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer both wore Alexander McQueen at the Emmy's (her dress below) & that charms me. Paquin wears a lot of McQueen, & she should. I would, if that was an option. Also, she is totally doubles with elladorian & somehow other people don't see it? It is clear as day!

The yesterday! Again, fairly lazy. There were mailing-meetings, & thus free pizza. Since our subleasers are leaving, we have to tighten the purse strings, so that means no more iced coffees in the morning, for one thing. We had pizza at work, so I chowed down on that; seriously, the spinach & ricotta on pumpernickel sourdough crust? Is the best pizza of all. Then home to Jenny, who has the week off (mostly, assuming work doesn't implode while she's gone, which it might). I got my act together & went to the gym, which was what I wanted to do, so good for me. I had a pretty okay blitz; I topped an hour, but only by like ten minutes. Cardio, then machines-- machines I normally skip, you know? Every so often I like to do the ones I don't usually pay attention to, to sort of fill in the gaps, or as a hedge against atrophy, or whatever. Then more cardio, then down to the free weights. I'm torn, regarding my free weight regimen. Maybe what I need to do is throw the eighty pound weight in the rotation occasionally? Or well-- probably what I need to do is buckle down & add another set. I'm just lazy & trying to dodge that reality. I came home & Jenny had cooked chicken & pasta & cheese into a baked oozy goodness; we ate that (& I ate the leftovers for breakfast & lunch) while watching Leverage. It was the episode titled "The Rashomon Job," written by the creator-- the DnD nerd. The story was a great twist on the heist-- each character went through their version of the night, & the stories only made sense seen from above, so to speak. There was a bit of a meta-flourish-- the character of Nate was inserted as a sort of ghost, talking to the protagonist as they walked him through their story. I am glad that people have internalized this sort of stuff, so it can be inserted into a story without people feeling they need to explain it or congratulate themselves on how clever they are being. The episode itself was hilarious, & delicately written, & oh my gosh do I have a crush on Parker. Top to bottom an example of how fun, popcorn television should be.
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