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Secular Seclusion.

Jenny had plans with a potential co-worker who was in town interviewing, so I had Thursday night all to myself, & didn't do anything besides finish Mockingjay. Friday wasn't so lazy though-- it was jammed packed! I got more work done on my half-day than I expected; I ran game on my to-do list-- I ran the whole play-book, son. Came home, finished reading The Lost Machine & then hit the gym. I hate when there isn't anything good to watch when I'm doing cardio-- I watched House, which is tolerable, but not exceptional (like when there is a superhero film on, or a robot fighting movie or even some crappy action flick). Back from the gym & on to the dentist! The dentist: "open wide!" Then I did. & she said "oh my, very good!" at the span of my jaws. Same verdict as always-- no cavities. All in all it took a quick fifteen minutes. I am pretty good at the dentist! Then I bought some wine (named "Irony!"), met up with Jenny, & we boarded the train. Where...I bumped into Janelle! Or she bumped into me, wavingly. I was still in seclusion mode, & totally failed at small talk. & we've never even met in the meat before. Which was the moral of the rest of the night, too! Being terrible at social integration. I had flipped my misanthropic switches to "Tribe," because I expected it to be the six of us-- me, Jenny, Kira, Nino, Robert, Judy. Wrong! Instead it had lots of extended family, immediate family, & friends. I was unprepared! I mean, a Donna I wouldn't have blinked at, but this was a full on party! & I had been forewarned that Kira's sisters were in town, but I forgot. I haven't seen them since Kira & Nino's wedding! It just took me a while to get into the swing of things, especially since I wasn't drinking. I'm just not, okay? It turned into a nice time-- actually, it turned into me & Jenny & Joe talking about holographic sex tapes & ended with Joe saying "I'm a real boy who wants to become a hologram!" in response to my Pinocchio allusions. The cast of the party was split between fuddy duddies who go to bed early & party people who go to parties in Bushwick that start at 10:30. Guess which group we were in?

I beat My Life as a Darklord this morning. Maybe it doesn't count as beating it? Since there is still content to unlock. Anyhow the "boss" went down & the credits rolled. I will keep playing it until I've plowed salt into the fields, of course. Here is what I learned: I never use the Haste Clock or the Slow Clock. They are just too big for me to justify the cost. I use mostly the Dark Dresser support floor & the Thunder Stand offensive floor-- with a dash of Iron Ball offensive floor for the pesky Thief-types. I used some Poison Harp defensive floors, but once I got the Ochu the Harp's low hit points made it worthless. Pro tip: always make the Minion level 2-- that way you get Guard, which is worth it for those...well, those damn Thieves. Thieves; the only thing worse then them are White Mages. Stupid invincible White Mages. I haven't expanded my tower past 15 floors-- I tend to like "heavy" enemies. You know: Behemoths, Minions & Ochu. I'm that way with every game. Actually, what I mostly like are the "big" units of armies that tend to be built for swarms of small units. You know, like Zerg Ultralisks or Tyranid Hive Tyrants & Carnifexes (not Carnifices, I checked). That probably says a lot about my psyche. Regardless, even if I'm not playing the hordes of the hivemind, I still tend towards elites. I like tactical war-gaming rather than strategic, I suppose. Anyhow, then today: snuggling. That is just about all. Eating leftovers & cuddlepuddles.
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