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"Lettuce" entertain you with a knock-knock joke.

What have I been up to this week? Absolutely nothing. Say it again! Absolutely nothing! I finally did chuck my hat into the ring on Sunday & go to the gym. That means it was a hat-trick! I went every day of the weekend, good for me. On the flip-side, I think I've been slacking off on my thigh presses; after a strong showing on Sunday, my legs were wrecked on Tueday & Wednesday. Just sore muscles, but enough to ground me. Couldn't tell you if anything else happened-- but I can probably tell you that nothing did. Oh, we did get our act together & go over to Kira & Nino's apartment to watch True Blood. I wore flip flops in the rain & everyone thought that was crazy. I also ate ice cream & everyone thought that was crazy. It was Deep Chocolate with Peanut Butter, & I put nuts on top. The episode? Was a pause in the mayhem, which was needed-- & full of "revelations." There are people who didn't know Sookie was part faerie? Nino was all like "you called it!" & Jenny was like "wait, everyone knows that," & I was like "don't ruin this for me!" So yeah; Sookie is a faerie, we all knew that. & we called it with were-panther. & Jason finally came clean, & Tara is back to being loathsome & Lala & Jesus had the most adorable acid trip. & they took Russel out of the rising action in a plausible way, allowing the interlude. I normally don't drink the Eric kool-aide, but he does look super hot in next week's episode.

Monday was my Oubliette game, which went well...then I came home & was in bed immediately thereafter. Tuesday, sheesh-- I have no idea what I did on Tuesday. I was pretty fussy, I remember that-- tired, & my legs hurt. Oh, I picked up our CSA! We got a bunch of tomatoes (ten?), five ears of corn, a bunch of turnips, two heads of lettuce, two heads of fennel, a bunch of basil, dandelion greens, five cucumbers, twelve nectarines, a quart of plums, & probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. I always forget stuff, because there is a bunch. I managed to review a book but that is about it-- I don't think I even read or watched television. Maybe I did, but I probably just goofed around online. Which I didn't do, last night! Last night I finished Home Fires so that I could start Mockingjay. I had plenty of time to read, since Jenny fell asleep as soon as I got home! Coming home was a chore-- the N train stopped, & Kelly (who I'd been riding with) & I got out & walked to the F. Along the way I ran into Jocelyn, & then on the train I ran into Jon. I used to think, before I moved her, that running into people you knew on the street was how you'd know you "made it" in the city of Metropolis. I guess I have, lil' Mordicai! Anyhow, I was starving-- I'd skipped lunch-- & so I got tacos & a hamburger & ribs. Hungry! Then, yeah-- Jenny fell asleep immediately after eating. At one point I moved her feet from my lap to get water & she shot daggers at me with her eyes-- I cracked up, & then she mad a sad face, & went back to bed. Oh, I've had lunches, too-- I said good-bye to ankledeepruins since she's off to the Wastelands to be a scholar of dead civilizations. Fitting. Then today I had lunch in the Park with Brian & Jocelyn. That...that might be it. Or I could be wrong, I'm terrible at telling.
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