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Say My Name, Bastion!

I've been angsty as heck, the last couple of days. Yesterday I snapped at Jenny about ice cream cones! I can't really describe how much hate I have bubbling in the cauldron of my heart, but it is unusual for it to over flow like this. Partly I was angry that people we're having a party in my building. The gall, the sheer unmitigated audacity! You whippersnappers get off my lawn! Mostly they were making me angry because new people have been moving into the building in the last few days, & I'm tense that some of them might turn out to be "party people." I want absolute silence in my neighborhood! That is why we have bars, so you can go to an isolated place to be rowdy. Seriously though, I'm a grumpy old man, for sure. Also someone was smoking on the stoop of the courtyard. Quit that! Also, don't go outside & smoke, either! Smokers. That is my plan for smokers, & marijuana, you know. They should be like bars. You can do it in your apartment, I guess, & at special locations, but not anywhere else. & cigarettes are the worst-- tobacco fast food? Quality is always more acceptable when it comes to picking your poison. All this was swirling around inside of me, & Jenny wanted ice cream-- so I went out, paid for it in quarters, & brought it home-- all while it dripped on my hand! They didn't have the type of cone Jenny had wanted, & when I came home she was like "where is the cone I wanted" & I snapped. Or well, like-- I snapped at her. I tried to remove myself from the situation, but she followed me! I was just stewing in bile, is all. It wasn't a big deal, & eventually we made up, like five minutes later. Then I watched the rest of this disk of Castle, & played some video games till eleven, when I went to bed. The air conditioner mostly drowned out the party-goers, but not enough to assuage my reckless malice.

Today it is raining! Cats. &. Dogs. We went out for brunch at Palo Santo this morning. I got the yerba mate, & it was too, too strong. The server asked me if I'd like another & I said no. Well, instead it turned out she'd asked me if I liked mate (she had an accent!) & she thought I didn't. Oh, I like it fine, I know about it! I'm hip, I'm a know-it-all! My meal was hash & eggs, Jenny's was the bread & beans & avocados & eggs thing. She was wise! Mine was good, though, I shouldn't complain. We had supper then walked to Barnes & Noble, looking for a calendar. Their roleplaying game section is a mess-- all the books are laid on their spine, shoved sideways into a short shelf. Now here we are; Jenny is watching a movie I don't care about...Adventureland-- & I'm goofing off in the bedroom. Maybe I'll get out some paper & work on my game next; that sounds like the plan I'll go along with, actually. I'm currently listening to a bunch of Tettix & Homestuck music. I guess I'm a little bit into chiptunes. Oh hey, spy update: the disk was scratched, so Jenny stopped watching Adventureland & moved on to Mad Men. There isn't any television to watch that we both like, & I'm sort of between books at the moment. Well-- I'm reading the Legend of the Five Rings rulebook on enthusiastic recommendation, but unlike with DnD books, I'm not familiar enough with the system to grok it at a glance, so it is a bit thick going. & of course, since it is the weekend, nothing much is going on in terms of the internet. Which-- there you go. There is the soup I'm in.
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