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Still Fighting After All These Years.

Remember when I was all bummed about Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? Well, I guess it didn't scar me. Since then-- two years ago!-- I've only grown fonder of Neil Patrick Harris (squee, twins!), Nathan Fillion (squee, Castle dressed like Mal!) & Felicia Day (squee, "Epitaph One" & "...Two" were actually good episodes of Dollhouse!). & you know, still find myself humming some of the songs. So I guess the sting has worn off. I still think Joss Whedon made the wrong call, but I'm willing to say that is a "mistake' or "problematic" rather than condemn it outright. At least, I feel that way now, since we watched the first two parts instantly on Netflix last night during Television Night. Of course, it was the third part that bothered me, so I guess I can't be sure. Television Night got off to a late start! Jenny has been dealing with some bad stuff at work-- stupid Gotham City budget!-- & was pretty drained. We hung out & ate sandwiches & sweets. Custardy sweets; I asked the girl at the bakery what she recommended & she said "everything!" & then I told her, okay, but for real. & then everything I asked her about, she said she didn't like. It was kind of amazing. Anyhow, a late fordmadoxfraud & elladorian was okay with me, because it gave me time to read my book, but frustratingly Maggie arrived just before I finished it. I was tortured by antici...! David is in the middle of his very busy work season, so we all sort of plopped down, opened beers & poured wine, & melted in a puddle. There was chit-chat, which I would have been content to do all night, but the call went out for visual stimulation. We watched a little Eddie Izzard, but switched it. We watched a little Stella, but were bored by it. Then the aforementioned super villain musical. When it was time to close up shop, David was too tired to change out of his pajamas (remember, pajamas are mandatory at TV Night) so he just wore them home, poor little lamb. ...pation. They left & I tumbled behind them into bed; I've been really tired lately, myself. There is a shadow clinging to us! I had dreams-- dreams I remembered when I woke up but have evaporated. Bad things afoot at the Circle K. Then today! I got sushi lunch at Azuki with newfriend Cherise. I've been lunched up this week! I talked to Tracey about her manuscript yesterday, finally. I've sat on that for months. Then before that I went to Ippudo with Tom for salty ramen. Power lunching is the name of the game. Tonight the name of the game is Jenny. I'm making her my priority. Time to put operation Nice Husband into effect.
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