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For Sale: Porcelin (slightly bloodstained)

Alright, yes, True Blood is super awesome. You know I liked the last episode a lot, but the show just keeps upping its game like you wouldn't believe. This episode...sheesh, I don't even think I have a complaint about it? Tara isn't awful; that alone is news! Tara is actually pretty great. Jason is an idiot, in those particularly dumb Jason ways, the ways where you forgive the poor dumb moron for his stupidity. The meth heads; what is their story? I was convinced by Sherene into thinking they were were-panthers, but now I'm not so sure, since now I think that Jesus is a were-jaguar. I mean, he has to be right? & the whole "he's not a magician!" thing makes me think that the meth dealers are warlocks. I figure, anyhow. & the new waitress is a witch? Or actually, I thought for a second that she might be affiliated with Rene. Anyhow! So much! So, I mentioned Jesus-- not only are he & Lafayette awesome, but "Lala" & his mother were actually super charming? & then oh gosh, Jessica & Hoyt? Oh you crazy kids! Oh Jessica, heartbreaking Jessica, you are my favorite thing. You darling, I want to take your tiny face in my hands! Sam is great now that he's not "The Nice Guy"-- Nice Guy™ being code for "passive aggressive prick." You know, you shouldn't snap like that, Sam, but between him menacing your patrons, & being warned, & smelling all crazy, I can't blame you. I'll take "aggressive" without the "passive", sure. Eric just-- comes clean? All the way? On that, a brief aside-- True Blood? Your Maker & Childe relationships are under used like woah. Bill is best when he's paired with Jessica, & the relationship between Pam & Eric (& previously, Godric) gives them oodles of depth. Make time for that. Eric does fine & I think spilling the beans is the smart choice. The end of the episode, of course, has tongues wagging. You know I've been singing Russel's praises since the first time he hit the screen-- so I was ready for it. Still doesn't mean I didn't adore it! This season sure isn't afraid of kicking over the ant-hill!

That is pretty much all I've been doing! I don't really want to do anything, now that you mention it. When I fell all over the other day I messed up my ankle, & then spent the rest of the weekend walking & jumping & frolicking, & I'm now paying for it. I haven't been going to the gym because, well-- why push it? It makes me feel gross, but then, so does limping like a poor little puppy. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel okay going; or at least okay enough to go & do non-ankle related things. I'd've gone before, but I don't trust myself, entirely. I'd try to be clever, probably. Stupid, stupid rat creature. Anyhow, mostly I want to sit around & read the sequel to Trickster's Choice. I have done some other things; beaten a few levels on My Life as a Darklord, for instance. That game keeps getting harder; it really is a good example of how increasing layers of complexity make the difficulty increase exponentially. We also watched The Rotten Tomatoes Show to see how they reviewed Scott Pilgrim versus the World. They were mixed, which is wrong. If you don't like Scott Pilgrim then you are wrong. QED. You can have specific issues, we can talk about problems, but if you didn't like it then I don't want to hear it. We also watched an episode of Leverage the other day; it was one from last week, not the most recent one. Tom Skerritt played Nate's father. It was an acceptable episode, but not a great one. My problems were threefold. One, they weren't smart enough. Usually when there is a "fake-out," the team does a double fake-out. That is, if you can figure out the scam-- like, come on, it is obvious he's going to rob the police station!-- then you can usually trust the show to let the characters figure it out too; if they don't, it is because they did actually, but are pretending not to so they can have the "heist reveal" at the end. This episode they were not super smart, which means they were sort of boring. Also, I don't need the show to explain everything-- a lot of times you could save some space by not doing the black & white "flashback," since yeah. I got it, I get it, Hardison is hacking them. My third issues is Sophie. Listen, Sophie needs to be right. As it stands, the show is using her to nag Nate for no reason. That isn't how it should be. Nate is a mess who can't emotionally distance himself from the scams & drinks too much. Those are facts. Sophie recognizes this, but then...Nate pulls through. So either Sophie needs to accept it-- which is the wrong move-- or Sophie needs to be correct. She needs to be the one swooping in at the eleventh hour to save Nate, to pull the bacon out of the fire. When she sidelines Nate & he doesn't listen? He should screw it up. She needs to be right, otherwise she's just being the nagging mother, which certainly isn't her character.
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