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The tentacles of your heart.

(Markus Weldon animates the ascent of Casini toward the gas-giant Jupiter.)

I don't know, things! Did you know that the National Science Foundation's search for meteorites at the South Pole is called ANSMET (ANtarctic Search for METeorites)? Just reminds me of "ensamhet," the Swedish word for loneliness that sparrowhills taught me. Isn't that appropriate? Anyhow, I've been doing as much nothing as possible, lately. When Moon's day rolled around, I wasn't super excited about it! Being stressed about a broken refrigerator is something stupid that stuck with me all day. I had meetings top to bottom, so I went to those & you know, persevered. Come quittin' time, I got on a train to go run my game straight away; like I said, meetings up & out the wazoo so I left the conference room & hit the train up. Only to catch the wrong train, like a moron. The exterior light was off, & I got on an M without realizing it. "FML" indeed; the M runs along the F, so I didn't notice till I was on my way to Marcy Avenue, & trapped. Well, it sort of worked out; going above ground I got a text from the game hosts telling me that there was a last-minute cancellation due to construction & obstructed sleep. I was secretly relieved; was able to sort out the trains & go home & do nothing. Ah. Jenny got ribs & I got a burger & we watched Leverage, the end. Leverage was middle of the road; I wasn't that charmed by it over-all, but scenes (like Parker driving!) really worked, & the totally stupid EMP gun was redeemed through good writing & being turned into Checkov's EMP gun. Anyhow, afterward I didn't even want to put on something else to fill the air; I just fiddled on the computer catching up on my reading. Of course, then I couldn't get to sleep; my stomach was upset & then I just...couldn't sleep. I grabbed my book & sat up for a while.

Same thing the next day. Busy day, then went home, this time without any fanfare or trouble. Got there to find a fussy & maybe slightly sick Jenny. Aw, poor dove. I managed to get my life together & go to the gym. Seriously, I know I talk about it a lot but it is for my own sake that I do. Mordicai! Remember! When you go to the gym, you feel better! Nothing assuages dissociative thoughts quite like having the machinery be in better working order. I did an okay hour & fifteen. I won't have a chance to go tonight or tomorrow, so I have to be spot-on with this weekend. Anyhow, in minute fourteen of my last fifteen minutes of cardio my stomach started being messed up, so I cut loose & went home. Jenny & I watched the Mary Roach episode of The Daily Show & ate some food from Chip Shop. You know, for the record? I hate when people only put the transliteration of their phone number. 1-800-CHIP-SHOP isn't actually helpful if I'm trying to dial on a smartphone, you kneebiters! Anyhow, with that we were all done, & ready for bed. More rotten sleep. I am in a weird place with sleep; I don't get it. Normally I sleep lightly & get up to go to the bathroom a couple of times. I drink a lot of water. Lately though I've just been in a coma. I wonder if I just fought off something. It would explain my moodiness & crummy moon, & plus since Jenny seems to be fighting something off, it would fit. I don't know, maybe! Don't try to control me! Anyhow, the lesson here is: I hate everyone & I should be more disciplined.
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