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World Warrior.

Oh okay, if you say so, body. Skipping the gym today. Well; I would go, but I just made plans & to rush to the gym would be a squeeze. I'll make up for it tomorrow, though. Anyhow, this week was pretty pulse pounding? No wait, what is the opposite of that? Soul crushing. Just lots of work at work; not a complaint really, it has just been a crush of weeks. Spent a week catching up from vacation, then spent a week juggling my regular stuff with book launch season with preparations for a big conference...which is next week. After that, seasonal presales! So yeah, just clicking away at the old keyboard with nary a moment for ye olde internete. Powered through a bunch of last minute stuff (derailed by an impromptu birthday celebration the day before) by resorting to fake Daft Punk Tr2n songs. Here I am though, baby, daddy's home. Well, what else have I been doing? You know I don't really lend credence to the old chestnut of "busy people." Come on, everybody is busy. Well, some people are un-busy, & some people have six months of work & six months off, but whatever, everyone is busy, you just chose your priorities. Mine are pretty low key, because responding to misanthropy with seclusion is a fine way to be! I mean seclusion for me; I'm a social butterfly, so anytime I retreat to the center of my web is exceptional.

Reading comics. fordmadoxfraud dropped a load off & I tore through them. Grant Morrison is really king of comics, these day. Oh, I think Bendis & Fraction are doing fine, but Mister Morrison's Batman titles are just incredibly solid. Happily passed those on to Sherene & dug into what I thought might be more kid-friendly fare for Brian's son. I'm happy to report that Prince of Power continues to rule incredibly hard, including making me "laugh out loud" on the train. There is a fight scene with Sehkmet that ends with her drunk & speaking in Lolcat. I like it because I can feel the "because fuck it, that's why" part of it. I can feel Pak & Van Lente going "Haha what if? You know what, yes. Yes. YES." In other news, David keeps buying Dark Wolverine so I keep reading them, despite the fact that they are boring as crap. At least Daken is gay, or legitimately bi; otherwise the storylines would be a little insulting-- still, the whole "I'm going to reverse-seduce this thief!" story was super yawn inducing. The "Girl's Comics" issue was...fine? Whatever. I care about feminism in comics but "stunts" are not the way to get my attention. How about just putting some more female writers to work without further ado?

Gosh, what else. Hung out with Jenny last night, since we haven't had as much of a chance to just melt together as either of us would like. We watched Tosh.0, which, whatever. Are a corn & cucumber & tomato salad Jenny made, along with grilled hot dogs, & then watched Chloe. not a good movie. Seriously, just when you think the moral of the story is "Women be trippin'!" you find out that the moral of the story is that plus "Lesbians are way crazy murderers!" Really, for a film whose main cache of interest was seeing Amanda Seyfried have sex with Julianne Moore there was...well, there was basically an hour more movie than there needed to be, & it was only an hour & a half long. Amanda Seyfried is a hot alien, this is true; I like her. She isn't enough to save this movie; even if Julianne Moore & Liam Neeson were better (better what? cast? acted? I don't blame them) it wouldn't have been any good. Jenny said that is should have been European; if it was just a movie where various people sleep with each other, finding out their own voyeuristic tendencies & cuckolding fantasies or something? At least that would have been a movie. The tacked-on "stalker" end, the recapitulation of some sort of Single White Female with a case of Fatal Attraction-- it just was insulting. Dumb & not hot enough to be worth watching for that reason alone. Meaning, if that was your only reason of planning on seeing this film, skip it. Actually, no matter what your reason was, skip it.
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