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Chantilly lace.

The brakes are on, vacation-wise, & that is alright with me. I'm terrible at being on vacation it turns out; I can't get over the niggling feeling that I should be doing something. It has been all about grilling, lately; grilled sausages & bratwurst (weissewurst?) last night, for instance. Granola for breakfast left room for the burgers for lunch; those were pretty solid, all continuing the grass-fed meat trend, with organic bacon & basil & pickles & onion & tomato. I had two. We cracked open the standard wine bottle sized beer we had; the Cantillon Iris which is just so darn sour. Otherwise today, just reading & swimming. I used up all my graph paper drawing in marker & then changing my mind; I knew I should have printed more! Today I'm tired & a little cranky. The free-form wandering doesn't produce as many kilo-cuddles as I'd like; Jenny is off doing her own thing. I don't like healthy separation!
Tags: holiday, photos, vacation

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