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The gland in the back says: everyone attack!

(Various images from Rice Boy by Evan Dahm.)

Urk! What have I been up to? A web of mystery! The fifth of the Julian month was a vacation day; a red day! Jenny & I went to go see Twilight: Eclipse, & the walk there was grueling. Truly the dog days of summer. Sweaty & angry & thirsty, we arrived in the nick of time; I quite liked the resulting film! Once I'd cooled down enough so that I could pay attention to it & not the sweat soaking through my t-shirt & sticking to the chair. Here is the thing: I despise the protagonists, as any Correct Thinker would. The entire series is the Quest for the Father Husband, as Bella fails to make any choices about which man will make better choices for her. Seriously, they fight-- out loud!-- about who will decide things better for Bella, Jacob or Edward. Poor Bella doesn't see any problem here. Meanwhile the myth of the "strong woman" as martyr? Is spelled out in painful detail. Seriously, not "strong woman as martyr" the subtext but "strong woman as martyr" the literal text, as in a bunch of werewolves sit around & go: "she was a strong woman, so she murdered herself to distract the vampire." & then Bella later stabs herself to prove what a strong woman she is; she can suffer the threatening & stalking of her boyfriends in silence! So brave. Anyhow that is the problem with these movies; not sparklevamps-- in fact, I like the crystalline violence of this film, paired with the dire wolf werewolves. The film took a few self-deprecating shots at itself, but I still didn't like it as much as the gloriously tongue in cheek Twilight; it was much better than the rather boring New Moon. No vampire baseball, though. Vampire baseball! When the film was over I bundled over to Sam & Tracey's to run a session of Oubliette.

Otherwise, a slow-down in life; at least I hope so, I'm sick of things to do. Having things to do, bah. Tyr's day the world caught on fire, a smoldering ember; even dear old Flatest Ironest had to dim the lights to avoid browning out Gotham. I went to the gym after work but was feeling a little bit sick to my stomach, just exhausted, so after an hour I packed it in. Then Jenny never came home! She never did, till after eleven o' clock at the night-time. She slunk into bed! I was having a dream where I was abducted by aliens; slowly sliding, levitating off the bed, night paralysis. Then all the grey aliens came out & laid their heads on my chest & wrapped me up in the hive mind & I slept well & happy. Odin's day was something the same; fordmadoxfraud & elladorian came over & then tra la la Jenny came home from work; we watched an episode of LOST-- the last recruit. Not a lot happens in that episode, but I liked it. We decided to watch an episode of infoMania in the remaining time, since David & Maggie had never seen it; guess what? Everybody hates Ben Hoffman. Ugh, he just-- seriously, his bit was making fun of soccer. Really? He's like the banal guy at every party, the boorish guy who thinks his trite & cliched opinions are ground-breakingly funny. Oh, you think soccer is dumb? I think you are dumb! & double dumb for making me defend sports, which are all dumb! Argh. Anyhow, that was that! Except I didn't eat dinner, so this morning I had two breakfasts. That, Gentleladies & Madsirs, is how I roll, now. Two breakfast kung-fu fighting style.
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