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Ash in the snowglobe.

(Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, image via Rachel Covet.)

Last night was fun; I managed to get two or three evenings in, all packed into one! Work ended with a little bit of a going away party for Julia; I was sort of swamped with projects, though. I'm being trained on some new paper trail at work, which is fine, except I postponed all my other electronic labor till yesterday, only to find that I had a new thing to do. Which, okay! I am mostly caught up. Matt & I skipped out of the office a little bit early to meet up with Kat & walk down to the village for her birthday party, which was a nice time. We had reservations in the backyard of Lunasa, which I told Matt I would have spelt with a "gh," totally forgetting that I should end it with a "dh." Oh, island people! Also: I apparently imagined "DARK LORD OF THE SITH" appearing in the Star Wars crawl? I must have, because it isn't there, but I was convinced that it was. Wrong, minus ten points Slytherin. There were a load of people at Kat's birthday bash, who I won't try to keep track of here; the usual crew, the usual ulterior crowd, the specials, the work cadre-- there were cliques & swirls & it was nice to see everybody, but I bailed before too long. Jenny had meant to come, but instead she stayed home with a headache-- a legitimate excuse, but sad. Lunasa is a fine location, but the beers on draught are boring as heck; where are the microbrews, where are the non-domestics? No, Heineken doesn't count! I went home & ate some sausage & kohlrabi & who knows what else mixed with goat cheese; Jenny was watching a movie about Tolstoy? I don't know what she gets up to when I'm not around! When she finished we watched Tosh.0 together, & he displayed the Tosh we like; the guy who might tease you a little but it ultimately rooting for you. That guy is vastly superior to the other Tosh. We went on to wolf down an episode of The Daily Show & then went to bed; or well, I stayed up for a little while finishing my book. Right before bed though, we exchanged gifts; Jenny just got me something to be nice, while I was giving her part one of her birthday present: she got me an Appa & Momo Happy Meal toy, & I got her a little Aang keyring from Etsy. They are super adorable, all of it. In the morning, I woke up bright & early, long before my alarm went off, & had time to fool around in the apartment before getting ready for work; you know, check stuff out online & read comic books. It occurs to me now that a lot of the stuff I talked about wanting for Wonder Woman is sort of what Greg Pak is doing for Marvel comics with his run on Hercules & his development of the excellent Amadeus Cho. I could do worse for finding similarities!
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