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A mothman to the flame.

I took my antihistamines this morning, why won't they kick in already? I'm sniffling over here non-stop. Really aggravating. & last night we were all talking about hookworms fighting allergies. Well, I'm on-board with intestinal flora but at some point I'm not so sure I'm down with intestinal fauna. Wait, I just wrote that & thought "what about facehuggers & chestbursters?" & I had to recant. I'll be a Trill, but I am not sure I want fifty vampworms drinking my gutblood. Is what I am telling you. So running down the evening; I got home, ate half of Jenny's leftover Bierkraft sandwich & hit the gym. I usually start with cardio, do machines, go back to cardio, & then do weights; sometimes I mix it up, like last night. I generally do the bulk of my free weights stuff with the 70 lbs. bar: curls & presses & lifts-- or whatever they are called. I do tricep curls with the 60 lbs. though, since I hurt my wrist one time. Doing weights first is a weird experience; you leave the building feeling different. Anyhow, I came home & filled the caloric gap with beer! Beer & a little breakfast sandwich; super-free range eggs, some-pig quality sausage, some fresh plucked sage all on handmade sourdough bread. Go team CSA! Then everybody rolled in for TV Night; everybody meaning fordmadoxfraud & elladorian, the club's co-founding members. We really only had time to watch one show, so it was LOST! We're still way behind, like seven episodes in the whole-- this episode was "Everybody Loves Hugo," which was fine; the event that happens to Ilana being the highlight for sure. Such a great call back. & I think it was Maggie who mentioned that Michael Emerson is married to the actress who plays Arlene on True Blood, which is perfect & boggling. We drank some beer & then sent David & Maggie off on their way, all without Maggie forgetting anything! It was a near miss, though. Then once they were gone Jenny & I went to bed. The weather was so nice yesterday that we slept with the fan on & I didn't complain even a little. Which brings us to today. I've got a huge glut of work to do, electronically, & lots of errands too, but it is all because I took a scythe to one of my big projects & finished it all up, every last drop. So I'm not sweating it. & today I'm wearing my elf shoes; it was a bit of a production leaving the apartment this morning though; I couldn't get my shoes laced, banged my elbow, all around stumble-mess. Tonight is Kat's birthday, too; I think we're going to d.b.a., so maybe I'll put some fancy beer inside of me. Drink up, me hearty bellywrigglers!
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