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Yesterday was another gloriously boring evening. It started with me getting off work & heading to the CSA; Jenny had worked a shift at it during the day, slinging heads of lettuce or whatever. We'd ordered a bunch of meat, so Jenny took the vegetables home & told me to pick up the meat-- "its in a box." I got there, some official looking people said "yep, there is your box," & I took it away. Mind you, when I say official I mean confident; since it is all co-op yuppie hippie, there isn't like a worker bee or queen bee. I carried the box home only to find out that I shouldn't've! There are like, insulation panels in there I bet they will want back. Well! They let me take them, how am I supposed to know if you don't stop me? Meatwise there is a bunch of cow & pig-- you know, grass-fed, free range, they got hugs, had names, were loved. That sort of thing; extra delicious or whatever. There is also sheep & goat cheese...& sheep & goat yogurt. The latter sounds fun to me. Anyhow, I picked up some wild-caught salmon at the grocer's too, along with a six pack of a very malty Scottish style beer, & we ate the fish with some grilled heads of romaine, sardine sauce, & quick pickled radish. Not too shabby a life I've got. Then we watched two episodes of Leverage. Man, the show really is on point this season. I feel like the script writers were like "you know what, eff this, I'm going to just steal stuff I really like." Cell Phone Office scene from The Matrix? Throw it in there. Bill & The Bride from Kill Bill, right down to the "kiddo" thing? Yoink. The high school assassin fight from Grosse Point Blank? Hey, sure, why not?! Yeah, so I think that show continues to be a sleeper success; it is pretty great fun. Heists! Then I went to bed & read some more of my Culture novel, which despite my complaints I do quite like. Then to bed; I think I actually slept straight through. & today is quite temperate outside; I had lunch in the park with Matt, Brian & Jocelyn, & Kat.

Alright, so Wonder Woman is getting a new costume. Fine with me; she'd needed some tweaks for a while now. I would have just thrown a hoplite's armored skirt on her & called it a day, but whatever, pants are fine. Her salient icons are the tiara, the wrist bands, the whip & the bustier. You can play around with that, no sweat off my brow. The problem here is that it ain't nothing Project Rooftop didn't do better (they talk about it here). Well, & that they messed with her backstory-- why? Bernie was right when he said she needs to be "All-Star Superman'd"; that is, stripped to the core of her mythology & archetype. Adding more background clutter doesn't help make it easier to relate to the character. This is all stuff I've said over at Jezebel, though (where, hey! I am a starred commenter now). I like Wonder Woman-- have I talked about my Rock-Paper-Scissor model of the DCU? So, Batman beats Superman. We're mostly agreed on that, right? Well, Wonder Woman beats Batman: see also The Hiketeia. & Superman beats Wonder Woman--sorry Diana, but Kal-El IS a demi-god. Sorry, did I say "demi"? I meant just plain old god. Anyhow. I like J. Michael Straczynski. I liked Babylon Five when it was on & I liked his frequently derided run on Spider-Man; I thought the Spider Totem thing was very much a "different way of looking at it" rather than a reinvention-- a paradigm shift rather than "ruining his backstory." Also I thought Ezekial plausibly reminded me of what a grown-up Peter Parker might be like. I'm willing to cut the guy some slack with the whole "depowered Wonder Woman" thing since, well-- I think the 60's era Diana Prince with a machine gun & a catsuit is pretty cool. I hope this is a bridge between the two, but mostly I just hope it is good. Speaking of reading that Culture novel; I was thinking the other day about Wonder Woman's invisible jet; it would actually be pretty awesome if that was just the repository of her Amazonian super science. You know, make the invisible jet her Batmobile/computer combined with her Fortress of Solitude. If she needs it to it can shoot purple death rays or access telecommunications grids or whatever-- it is just always floating somewhere, like an invisible UFO.
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