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Hate is a song.

So I successfully defeated Wily's reign of terror. It took me a bunch of E-tanks, an M-tank, & every weapon in my arsenal, but Mega Man 9 has been beaten. How does the game stack up? Very well, really well. I'm pretty effing pleased with it. I can't tell if it is harder than Mega Man 2, or if my spinal cord just keeps the routines & patterns needed to beat 2 knit away in its fundments. Anyhow, very fun; I do wish Mega Man had the Power Slide, though I'm okay with there being no Charge Shot. So...I guess I might be ready for Mega Man 10, huh? Also worth noting: totally listening to The Protomen as I jot this out. Otherwise today has been pretty hardcore lazy. Watched a little Daily Show, read a couple of comics-- you know, for all I liked the "Sinestro Corps War," I find "Blackest Night" & "Brightest Day" increasingly insufferable. I do like Mera's costume though. Speaking of insufferable, I also read an issue of Nemesis which is just are boring & predictable as you'd think. Mostly the scenes & plots are just window dressing so that the characters can yell obscenities at each other. I will say that I like his costume, though. So hey, comic books, some of you are boring the crap out of me, but at least you have good fashion design principals! Jenny has been wilting & sauteing vegetables; after the class last night Kira gave us a bunch of the CSA stuff she wasn't going to be able to use in the following week. Oh, man, speaking of last night-- I got up to go to the bathroom like, eight times. Seriously, maybe eight times. Now, I generally drink a glass of water immediately after going to the bathroom, 'cause I'm a hydrator, but that was just ridiculous. Now I'm trying to summon up the gusto to make my weekend a gym three-for; bah, I've got time. Jenny is making steak & snap-peas for lunch; maybe we'll watch Leverage? & then later I've got True Blood with Nino & a bunch of people from the class last night.
Tags: comics, television, video games

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