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Hate in my hand.

Yesterday after reading some comics & digging around on the internet for bones, & checked to see what I had recorded on my DVR. Hey! Greatest discovery all week: Batman: The Brave & the Bold episode "The Super Batman of Planet X" recorded! For some reason the programming on my DVR is goofed up & won't tape "First Run Only" episodes of Brave & the Bold, so I had to just start taping all of them & manually deleting the ones I'd seen. I'd missed this episode due to that shuffle, & was really excited to see it! If you don't know about Zur En Arrh it is tough to explain how awesome that episode was; I only found out about it when Grant Morrison threw it into the mix. Anyhow, the episode was gggggreat. Kevin Conroy was the voice of Zur En Arrh's Batman, which was awesome, plus he was a Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne mash-up; he had a robot butler named "Alpha-Red" which should totally be part of Batman One Million's scheme, what with Robin the Toy Wonder. "Rohtul" is the villain ("Luthor") voiced by Clancy Brown. Anyhow, it was a bucket of fun. After that I went to the gym & put in another hard hour & fifteen. Good job body; you lifted that one thing, pushed that other thing. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End was on when I did cardio; that movie is confusing, but that means watching it in fifteen minute bursts is as good as anything else.

Act Two was out to Bay Ridge for a cooking lesson at The Oakridge Kitchen. I rode out their alone since Jenny was coming from work; on my walk over I ran into Edbury & we talked turkey. "Gobble gobble?" I was like. Anyhow, inside was a grilling class, that was the plan! So I ducked in & got to work! This was the "Indoor & Outdoor Grilling" class, & the last class before they take a brief hiatus for Kira to have her baby. We started off with a Summer Beer Cocktail; beer with gin & elderflower liqueur. Yay. The class was pretty big, but everyone was really friendly & with the aid of copious beer cocktails we all got along famously by the end. There was Brined Pork Poast on the grill outside, Spanish Rub Skirt Steak out there as well. I was teased for asking what "butt rub" is; but I guess the internet just says it is a spice rub. No interesting story. Also on the outside grill-- well, grills, since there were two, a Weber & a professional grill-- there were Thai Chicken Thighs, Scallops Wrapped in Bacon, & Shrimp. Inside was the vegetables; the Asparagus, Radicchio, Romaine, Peppers, Carrots, Scallions, &c. Things ended up slathered in Herb Butter or Red Onion Jam or Orange & Olive Vinaigrette or Slaw or Smokey Kimichi Dip or Anchovy Vinaigrette. Needless to say, it was kind of intense in my mouth. I think the top contenders were the Scallops Wrapped in Bacon & covered in Herb Butter versus Spanish Rub Skirt Steak on Focaccia with Orange & Olive Vinaigrette & a piece of cheese. Then Kira drove us home!

(Me & Jenny playing with Archie at TV Night.)
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